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18 August 2023 / npgilblas

Get your custom website built for just $500 for a limited time!

We’re introducing a new approach to website creation. You can be confident that we won’t rush the job or clutter your site with unnecessary plugins and resources. For just $500, we’ll craft a website tailored to your preferred design, using only essential plugins and minimal external resources.

In 2019, despite our repeated efforts to justify the benefits of custom websites to our clients, we embarked on a journey. Our challenge? To stay true to our vision while delivering what clients sought within their budgets: a professional website, trendy and cost-effective. In the web development industry, and generally in life, quality often equates to high costs. We had to find a way.

Leveraging WordPress Flexibility to Launch a Web Creation Concept

Since version 5.8, WordPress introduced the Gutenberg block editor, a departure from the classic editor. This presented an opportunity for us to reconsider our reliance on numerous extensions. Following extensive research and development, we established a custom website creation process. This process taps into Gutenberg block capabilities to streamline website section management. Additionally, we innovated to empower our front-end developers to craft themes effortlessly.

Once our tools were in place, we collaborated with you on your desired design. Then, we’d craft the HTML design and convert it into a WordPress theme. Thus, you’re assured of a guaranteed outcome.

The Tools and Programming Languages We Use

In our web creation process, we utilize the following:

  • WordPress – Still the reigning content management system.
  • ACF Pro — For creating reusable blocks and configurations.
  • Twig, PHP, and JSON – WordPress themes are in Twig format. We use Json for variables and to declare CSS and JS codes.
  • Website Templates — We offer clients the option to select from a repository of online HTML designs. Adjustments are made to suit their requirements. Alternatively, we work with graphic designers to craft bespoke designs tailored to client specifications (at an additional cost).

Beyond these tools, you can choose plugins based on your needs. For instance, you might want to install Yoast for SEO or LiteSpeed to boost website speed. During development, we integrate necessary functionalities directly into the theme.

Managing Your Website

To manage your website, you’ll use WordPress’s Block Editor. Making changes to your website’s elements is straightforward, requiring no tech knowledge. Easily alter text, images, and preview changes without leaving the page. Once saved, the adjustments will be live.

Deployment and Updates

Post-development, we provide you with a template copy and a database copy. Our team will assist in migrating your website to your server.

Included Options for Your Project

We offer our clients a suite of options to stand out:

  • Hosting: Your first year is on us.
  • SSL Certificate: Strengthen your site’s security and trustworthiness.
  • SEO Optimization: Boost your online visibility.
  • Responsive Design: Optimal user experience across devices.
  • Custom CMS Integration: Simplifies content updating.
  • Unlimited Revisions: We refine until you’re satisfied.
  • 24/7 Support: Our team is always here for you.
  • Security & Backups: Your site is safeguarded and regularly backed up.
  • Cutting-edge Tech: Stay updated with advanced technologies.
  • Analytics Dashboard: Monitor performance and user behaviour.

Want a custom website for your business? Contact us. Learn more about our WordPress web creation service here. Our team contributes to the WordPress community by creating plugins. Discover some of our WordPress plugins.

Testing and Validating Our Web Creation Concept

For a limited time, we offer website creation starting at $500. In the coming month, we hope to gather enough feedback to refine our process further and introduce more features. If you’re interested in participating in testing and validation, please get in touch.