About Us. — We are an agency specializing in websites and online stores in Montreal

About Us. — We are an agency specializing in websites and online stores in Montreal

We are a specialist web agency based in Montreal. At prositeweb, creating a website is much more than installing design software and integrating. Indeed, our team accompanies you in a process of planning, technology choice, development and web maintenance.

With the relatively large number of companies currently online, you can’t limit yourself to doing like everyone else. Our specialist web agency works to put technology at your service. Thus, this requires, among other things, a transformation of technology to adapt it to your business objectives.

Our promises to our customers

We offer our customers a means to distinguish themselves from the competition.

Our primary mission is to enable companies to use the full potential of information technologies.

With the evolution of the web, technologies have several advantages you can leverage to generate more revenue for your business. It is the main reason we work daily to raise awareness of the benefits of the tools on the market.

Our vision is to be a leader in the information technology sector. We wish, in this case, with the resources and the same energy, to offer the most significant number of Canadians a personalized quality service.

We work daily to innovate and bring a plus to businesses around the world. It involves, among other things, learning about changes in the web world and developing a team of professionals to carry the vision. If you want to know more about us, we invite you to subscribe to our social media. We are active on the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn platforms.

Our core values are : Respect, Love, Optimism and Loyalty.

Respect: We treat all our customers and employees with respect and expect the same from our employees.

Love: Every project is of paramount importance. We convey love in how we work with our customers and collaborators.

Optimism: For Prositeweb, optimism is very important to find solutions to any problem. Indeed, you will agree that with a little optimism, it is easier to have the mindset to achieve the goals.

Loyalty: Behind a company or a business, there are people. It is why working with local people is a guarantee of personal and collective success.

This is what sets us apart from other companies.

Our web agency of specialists in the design of websites, online stores and personalized software offers you personalized support. We mainly use content managers for the design of your web solutions. Indeed, we are mainly focused on free tools such as CMS and Frameworks.


The choice to move towards open-source solutions was largely influenced by the fact that many hosted software packages do not provide the flexibility and ease of learning. In other words, thanks to open-source solutions we are constantly innovating and learning to offer you the best.

Solutions that comply with W3C standards

W3C has established a set of rules and recommendations to better guide the approach to developing web solutions. These recommendations aim to improve the quality of web solutions. Compliance with these rules is essential throughout the development process.

An ergonomic solution

The primary goal of your website or application is to reach your site quickly, and we make sure to do all the necessary validations before going online. Our validations can consist in validating the adaptability of the site with the types of screen.

A website safe from cybercriminals.

Cybercrime is a significant issue on the net. It is why it is essential to establish barrier measures to protect yourself better. Measures include, among other things, the quality of codes and best practices.

The performance of your web solution

Performance is a critical element that you should not neglect if you want to reach your target better. Prositeweb works to apply a set of measures to ensure that your solution is relatively easy to navigate. For this reason, we adopt good practices and perform a set of tests before publishing the website.

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We are a team of dedicated front-end and back-end developers based in Montreal. We help businesses to build and maintain their websites and applications.
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