Law 25…Cookie Consent Plugin for WordPress

Law 25…Cookie Consent Plugin for WordPress

With the implementation of a set of privacy protection measures ; particularly in Europe and Quebec , companies must inform their users of the use of cookies. Indeed, for the proper functioning of a website, it is sometimes essential to use cookies to better evaluate user activities. We use cookies through the creation of connection sessions, data analysis tools, and many other tools. Consent Cookie Pro aims to help you implement consent functionality on your website in seconds. It is a WordPress plugin that you can install and configure very easily. And, what's more, the plugin is free. You can simply click Download and we will email you a link to get your copy.

How does Cookie Consent Pro — WordPress Plugin work?

Once you have installed the plugin on your WordPress website, a user who comes to your website will see the notice similar to what you see in the photo. Cookie Pro Consent — WordPress Plugin He will have the choice between clicking on Accept or refusing. The text above the buttons can be edited using the Poedit functionality of WordPress. Additionally, you will also notice a link to the features policy page. WordPress offers the ability to create a page and assign it as a privacy policy page.

How to Create a Privacy Policy Page

To create a privacy policy page on WordPress, you just need to create a page using the normal WordPress process. Then you need to follow the following steps to do the configuration.

  • Log in to your WordPress website
  • Go to the Settings tab
  • Then click on Privacy
  • You will see the privacy setting option
  • Select the page you created.

Why choose our more Cookie Consent

We designed our plugin with the aim of making life easier for the website owner. For this reason, we have ensured that it is:

  • Easy to configure. In just a few seconds you can do the installation and configuration
  • Less invasive. This takes as few resources as possible.
  • efficient . Its installation has no impact on the speed of your website.
  • Compatible with all WordPress websites. We had the opportunity to test on several websites and it works perfectly well.
Custom – Cookies


Our Cookie Consent Pro plugin is free. However, we can develop a custom one.

  • Tailor-made featuresTailor-made features
  • Adapted to your websiteAdapted to your website
  • 100% turnkey100% turnkey
  • Implementation et formationImplementation et formation
  • Technical supportTechnical support
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Cookie Pro Consent plugin?

The Cookie Pro Consent plugin is a WordPress solution designed to help businesses comply with privacy regulations, by informing users about the use of cookies. This plugin makes it easy to integrate cookie consent functionality into your WordPress site.

How to install the Cookie Pro Consent plugin?

To install the plugin, download it by clicking on the link provided after your email request. Then, install it on your WordPress site like any other standard plugin: go to the dashboard, then to the “Plugins” section and click “Add new”. Upload the plugin file and activate it.

How does the plugin work after installation?

Once installed, each new user visiting your site will see a notification asking them to consent to the use of cookies. They can choose to accept or decline. You can customize the text of this notice via WordPress's Poedit tool and add a link to your privacy policy page.

How to create and configure a privacy policy page?

To create a privacy policy page:

  • Create a new page in WordPress.
  • Go to the “Settings” tab then “Privacy”.
  • Select the page you just created as your privacy policy page.

Why choose the Cookie Pro Consent plugin?

This plugin is particularly recommended for its ease of configuration, its efficiency without impacting the performance of the site, and its compatibility with all WordPress sites. It is designed to be minimally invasive while ensuring the necessary legal compliance.

Is the Cookie Pro Consent plugin paid?

No, the Cookie Pro Consent plugin is completely free. You can download it by following the link provided after submitting your request by email.

How to personalize the cookie consent notice?

Customizing the text of the consent notice can be done via the Poedit tool in WordPress. You can edit the text above the consent buttons to better match the tone and specific needs of your site.

How do I make sure the plugin doesn't slow down my site?

The Cookie Pro Consent plugin was designed to be efficient and minimize resource usage. It has been tested on multiple sites to ensure that it does not negatively affect site loading speed.

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