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Launch of a mutual aid movement between Immigrants in IT.

Launch of a mutual aid movement between Immigrants in IT.
We are launching the mutual aid movement between immigrants in IT. Indeed, the initiative arises from a personal experience shared by many professionals. Immigrating and settling in a new country is a colossal challenge. This is especially true in competitive industries such as IT. This initiative aims to overcome the obstacles faced by immigrants in seeking opportunities. If you are looking for employment, prosperity as an entrepreneur in the IT field, the movement is for you. It is a concrete response to professional integration difficulties, offering a network of support, sharing of experience and resources.

Carriers of the Concept

Currently, we are three fellow travellers, all immigrants, who have joined forces to bring this project to life. We want to launch this adventure with a solid team of five members. Building on our battles and victories in the face of the challenges of professional integration here in Canada, our mission is now to simplify and beautify the path for those who will follow us. We, the three founders, with a rich background of diverse and profound experiences, are looking for two passionate souls to join us. Together, we aspire to chart a clear and bright road for this movement, thus ensuring its success and relevance to effectively help our immigrant peers in IT.

Origin of the Concept

The origin of this movement dates back to my personal experience of one of the founders, who immigrated to Canada in 2014 with the ambition of breaking into the IT field. Faced with major challenges such as:
  • the difficulty of finding a first job in the sector,
  • the lack of resources adapted to its needs,
  • and the obstacles inherent to entrepreneurship, he found alternative solutions to establish himself successfully.
These experiences served as a catalyst for the creation of a support network aimed at supporting computer science immigrants through their journeys.

Why such a Concept?

This concept emerges from the need to offer a support framework adapted to the realities of computer science immigrants in Canada. It recognizes the unique challenges faced by industry professionals. Among the challenges, we can cite:
  • The language barrier,
  • recognition of foreign qualifications,
  • and limited access to professional networks.
By offering a space for exchange and mutual aid, the movement aspires to reduce these obstacles. For this reason, we hope to promote faster and more successful professional integration among immigrants.

Frequently asked question

1: How can I join the movement?

We are still working on the terms and conditions, and we will communicate with you as soon as possible. However, if you wish to include founding members, contact us.

2: What activities are planned by the movement?

We will organize workshops, mentoring sessions, networking meetings, and resources to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience.

3: Are there any fees to become a member?

Currently, membership is free. Additionally, we want to be as inclusive as possible to encourage the participation of all immigrants in computer science. By sharing experiences and resources, this movement aims to build a promising future for IT immigrants in Canada, transforming challenges into opportunities. Contact us for more information.

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