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Create a solution that stands out from the competition.

Create a solution that stands out from the competition.

Contact us today, and we’ll collaborate on an approach to help you stand out from the competition. Making a difference on the web is no longer an easy thing. Indeed, the web world is saturated, and visitors are spoiled for choice. To date, there are nearly 1.7 billion websites online. It’s practically a website for four users. For a business, this means you have to do better than the competitor to stand out.

Here’s how we help you stand out

Over the years, we have implemented and tested strategies to help our customers make a difference. We are constantly looking for technological developments to continue providing the best.

Create a website or online store 100% adapted to mobiles or tablets

Nearly 69% of people browse these days on their mobile or tablet. For this reason, not making the adaptability of your site mobile would imply losing 69% of your visitors. At Prositeweb, we ensure that your phone quickly reaches your target, whether on a mobile, desktop screen or tablet. To achieve this goal, we mainly work with libraries adapted for this purpose.

Make sure your website takes as little time as possible to load

A study by Think With Google showed us a correlation between the time people spend on your site and conversion. Usually, the less time your website displays, the more visibility you have. Prositeweb works to reassure the loading time is below two seconds. We achieve this by limiting the number of external resources as much as possible. We are also working on the quality of our codes.

Offer a turnkey solution.

The difficulty many companies have when it comes to adapting is the possibility of modifying the content. This is why all the solutions we develop are turnkey. In other words, we offer you a website or an online store that you can manage yourself without having to contact us. This approach helps you save on management. In addition, you can adjust your content to your liking without hiring developers.

A website that remains the international standards and recommendations of the mother software

Continuity and security are significant factors when you want to get on the net. Indeed, your realities may change, and you may feel the need to readjust. Alternatively, you may have a transaction site that requires security. Prositeweb meticulously respects the recommendations of the W3C and the mother software. To this end, you are not condemned to work with us. On the other hand, you can be sure that you are safe from cybercriminals. Contact us for more information.

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