Create a custom website — Why it can be beneficial.

Create a custom website — Why it can be beneficial.

Creating a custom website generally amounts to making a website according to the specifics of your specifications. Indeed, when it comes time to create a website, you usually have several options. Among the options are:

  • Choose a pre-developed design and adapt it to your needs
  • Create a solution entirely with the options that several manufacturers offer
  • Do everything from scratch.

A tailor-made website gives you the opportunity to have a unique solution or without sometimes unnecessary extras. In this article, we will see why it can be important to create a custom website. We will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of such an approach. Finally, we will briefly talk about what we do at Prositeweb .

Approach to creating a personalized website

When you entrust your project to a team of developers and opt for custom development, the standard approach would be to choose the tools that will scrupulously respect your specifications. In other words, your team might need to:

  • Develop modules from scratch (if needed)
  • Create modules necessary to carry out your project
  • Adapt a solution to your needs.

Thus, it could be a question of choosing a graphic designer who will work with you to establish the design that meets your needs. Then the developers will take care of converting this design into themes to use in your project. Insofar as some functionalities (modules) on the market do not fit your need, the developers could opt for the development.

Some benefits of custom development

For a company aware of the merits of the web for its activities, custom development is very beneficial. Indeed, it allows you not to have to adapt to the limitations of the technology you want to use. Below are some benefits.

A unique design specific to your company

With custom development, you stand out from the competition with your design. Precisely, several models that you will find in online sites are used by several companies around the world. For this reason, it becomes complicated to stand out when the time comes to compare products or services. A bespoke website can use a content manager (CMS) of your choice. However, the developer team should have the expertise to use your design and convert it to your project.

A better user experience

By opting for generic themes or design, you usually choose several other options that are not always useful. For example, if you buy a WordPress theme for your website design, the theme will come with several extensions for various tasks that don't help you on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, it could affect the loading time of your web pages for free. We had the opportunity to work on optimizing the websites of several companies that had ready 20 extensions that accompanied their WordPress theme. One of the comments we made was that nearly nine expansions weren't necessarily necessary.

Less risk of having security breaches

Every feature you add to your website is a security hole. 20 extensions that depend on different developers would correspond to 20 different resources, so you're out of control. To this end, negligence or a fault in one of the modules could have an impact on your organization. With a bespoke website, your organization is usually limited to the tools you can manage internally. For this fact, it facilitates management or control.

Better ranking on search engines

Creating a tailor-made website is also to be flexible in the management of data and resources.

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