Fondation Monga Anne

Fondation Monga Anne



23 May 2024


2 mois

The Monga Anne Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Cameroon. Its main mission is to help orphans and widows. Our team had the honor of designing the website that we present to you below.

About the Monga Anne Foundation project.

The owner of the foundation contacted us to set up a site that should enable her to promote her activity. The main purpose of the site was to easily present the mission of the organization. So we had to create a very simple and fairly structured website. And, the website had to be easy to navigate and above all adapted to the target. Given the internet speed and the target mainly on mobile, the mobile version was then very important.

Some tasks done

We had to perform various tasks during the course of the project. Among the tasks are:

  • Logo design
  • The development of the theme
  • The integration
  • Validation and deployment.

In addition, we have developed a custom theme to avoid overloading the site with extensions. Thus, if you wish to discover the project, we invite you to visit the official website of the foundation. Moreover, if you have a similar project, you can contact us from our contact form.

Project approval

In order to reassure us that the website is ready to go live, we also carried out a series of validations. Below are some examples: Ergonomics tests . We validated whether the website adapted to mobiles and tablets. Indeed, to better position yourself on the web, you must also think about users who are on their mobile. The performance test. Our team tested the loading time of each page.

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