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20 April 2024


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Garage Ayad, based in Montreal, faced a major challenge: the absence of a significant online presence. Without a website, the company lost opportunities for visibility and communication with its customers. The initial need for the project was therefore to create an online platform that represents the professionalism of the garage. In addition, it had to offer an effective way to reach new customers and retain existing ones.

The mandate

Prositeweb was given the crucial task of creating a comprehensive online presence for Garage Ayad. The mandate included:

  • the design of a professional website,
  • the creation of a distinctive logo,
  • writing content optimized for search engines (SEO),
  • and the establishment of an easy-to-manage platform through an administration panel under WordPress.

The Technological Choice

To meet the needs of Garage Ayad, Prositeweb chose WordPress as its development platform due to its flexibility, ease of use and wide range of features. We have also selected ACF Pro and Yoast plugins to enable intuitive content management and advanced SEO optimization. In addition, we have integrated PHP libraries, notably matthiasmullie/minify, to optimize the speed of the site.

Accomplished Tasks

To complete the project, we accomplished several tasks, Below are some of them.

Logo Design

Creation of a logo representing the distinctive visual identity of Garage Ayad.

SEO Content Writing

Developing search engine optimized content to improve online visibility.

Creation of the Design

Development of an attractive and user-friendly design for the website.

Content Integration

Professional integration of texts, images and videos for a coherent presentation.

Some characteristics.

  1. Turnkey Website: Development of a turnkey website with an administration panel under WordPress.
  2. Custom Fields with ACF Pro: Setting up custom fields for flexible content management
  3. Speed Optimization: Use of PHP libraries to minimize and compress files, improving overall performance.
  4. SEO with Yoast: Integration of the Yoast plugin to optimize the essential elements of SEO.


Each stage of the project was subjected to rigorous validations to ensure quality and compliance with Garage Ayad's expectations. The validations were carried out in close collaboration with the garage team to guarantee a faithful representation of their identity and an optimal user experience.

Call to Contact Us for Similar Projects

Prositeweb invites any business looking to establish or improve its online presence to contact us. Whether it is creating websites , developing visual identities or implementing SEO strategies, we are ready to collaborate on similar projects in order to achieve the specific objectives of each client. Prositeweb – Your partner for tailor-made and effective web solutions. We invite you to visit the Garage Ayad website to better appreciate our achievement.

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