Pilates By Emma is an online platform that offers physical exercise sessions. The platform is subscription-based and offers an option to sign up for a trial. Our team had the privilege of developing their website and we present the realization here.


janvier 27, 2023


Emma Ohan


WordPress, Vimeo OTT,


Pilates, ACF Extended, ACF Pro, ECommerce, stripe, WordPress Network,

We had the pleasure of working with Emma, a Pilates professional who was looking to create a website. She wanted to offer online Pilates workout videos to her customers. That's why we worked closely with Emma. First, we sought to understand their business needs and objectives. This allowed us to create a tailor-made solution to meet his needs.

Our approach :

  1. Needs Analysis: We worked closely with Emma to understand her business needs and goals. In addition, we evaluated the specific features it wanted to offer its customers.
  2. Design and development of the showcase: we designed and developed the showcase of the website using WordPress. For this fact, our team has developed a tailor-made theme according to its specifications. Our team, for example, proposed some mock-ups and then used this mock-up to create a WordPress theme that we then integrated on its website.
  3. Subscription platform integration: We have integrated the Vimeo OTT subscription platform. This allowed Emma to sell subscriptions to her customers to access her videos online.
  4. Optimization of security and performance: we have optimized the security and performance of the website. For this, we have used security and optimization techniques to guarantee an optimal user experience.

Results :

With our bespoke design approach, we were able to create a website for Emma that meets her business needs and goals. The website is user-friendly, easy to use and offers an optimal user experience. The integration of the Vimeo OTT subscription platform allows Emma to sell subscriptions to its customers. It also allows customers to access his videos online, which has significantly increased his revenue and visibility. By working with Prositeweb, Emma was able to focus on creating content for her online videos. Because, as a professional, we managed the creation and management of its website. Using our expertise in web development and security, we were able to create a website for Emma that meets her business needs and goals, while providing an optimal user experience for her customers.

Keys in hand
Custom made
Optimized for the web
Mobile friendly

For the design of the Pilates By Emma website, we used modern solutions such as WordPress, Vimeo OTT. To these solutions, we have combined our expertise in creating personalized websites. It is thanks to our expertise that we notably transformed a model into a WordPress theme.

About WordPress

WordPress is a popular open-source content management system (CMS) for building websites and blogs. It was created in 2003 and is now one of the most used CMS on the Internet. WordPress allows users to easily create and manage websites through a user-friendly interface without having to write code or have advanced technical skills. It offers great flexibility with thousands of free or paid themes and plugins available to customize the look and functionality of your site. Additionally, WordPress is continually updated to improve security and performance, and the active developer community offers helpful technical support for users of all skill levels.

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10 reasons why your website shouldn't depend too much on plugins for its operation.

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