Convert HTML Theme to WordPress Template

We transform your HTML theme into a WordPress template. Upon completing this, you will be able to put the template into any WordPress installation site to manage your content better. The HTML theme is limited on several levels. This allows you to modify its content better. In addition, it is sometimes a natural source of error. Here we show you what we have to offer.

Edit all your content through an admin panel without editing your code.

One of the extraordinary things about WordPress or any content manager is that it makes content management easy. Indeed, thanks to forms, you can easily modify your site's content without having any computer knowledge. One of the unique features of WordPress compared to other tools is its simplicity.

Create unlimited pages

You can create an unlimited number  pages using a content manager like WordPress. Thus, with the same current HTML design in the WordPress version, you would be able to reuse the structure for several pages.

Benefit from the advantages of WordPress

WordPress offers several other tools that you potentially use to propel your online business. In addition to having a custom theme. You might benefit from free or low-cost extensions.

Enjoy more flexibility in managing your content

A dynamic website gives you the benefits you won't find in a static one. Indeed, with websites under WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or any other CMS, you potentially manage your content. Thanks to a management interface, you can connect and modify the texts of your site. In addition, you can evolve your content without having to contact a developer. Below are some benefits from a content management perspective:
  1. You have access to the Content via an administrator panel.
  2. You can Create the pages more autonomously.
  3. This decreases the risk of having error pages.

Several out-of-the-box features

The majority of content managers evolve with a community. Indeed, if you use CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or Magento, you can easily find ready-to-use tools. For this fact, adding a contact form and marketing tools or integrating them becomes relatively easy. A CMS is  :
  1. A community of developers
  2. Several ready-to-use features
  3. A set of resources at your disposal
  4. Test and adjust without breaking the bank

How to Convert an HTML Theme to a WordPress Template?

To Convert HTML to WordPress, here are the steps to follow
  • Present your request. You can use the contact form to submit your request or make an appointment. At the end of our discussions, you will send us the design in the HTML version that you will have compressed.
  • Evaluation of your project. — We will take a few days to evaluate it to offer you a cost and the time required. The evaluation will allow you to understand your needs and what you plan to have as a theme.
  • Development of your theme — Depending on the options we would have validated, we will develop this one. At the end of the development, you will obtain a ZIP file with possibly a copy of the database and documentation.
  • Concerning the options we would have validated, we will develop your theme. At the end of the development, you will acquire a ZIP folder with possibly a copy of the database and documentation.
  • Content integration training - At the end of your project, we offer training (optional but necessary) on how to modify your website. This training will also aim to explain better how your new theme works.

Why Convert an HTML theme to a WordPress template at Prositeweb?

With several years of web development experience, we have established a standard based on the quality, performance and visibility of web platforms. Indeed, we firmly believe that a web-based solution should achieve a goal without too much hassle. This way of thinking is reflected in the quality of our websites or applications. Therefore, working with Prositeweb Inc. is chosing from a solution 100% adapted to all types of operating systems or screens, optimized for performance and security. In addition, we constantly validate our codes to reassure ourselves that they respect the W3C standard. Do you want to know more about our HTML theme to WordPress template conversion solution?  Contact us to discuss more.

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