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site web — Oneevo



15 April 2024


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Our team is happy to have worked with Oneevo for the design of its website. Oneevo is a real estate brokerage agency based in Montreal. She also wanted to create a site to increase the visibility of her services on the net and to facilitate clients who need real estate services. In order to respond to the need briefly elaborated below, we therefore had to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the target population?
  2. What is the problem that the target is facing?
  3. How to help them in this problem?

What we have done for Oneevo

We design the website following the whole development procedure. We have therefore been present at all levels. So, here are the tasks we performed in the Oneevo project.

  1. Technological choice
  2. Choice of design for the site
  3. Theme Development
  4. Extensions for the site

Technologies and tools used for Oneevo

The success of the site depends particularly on the level of the tools used. Therefore, we opted for the WordPress content manager given its various options it offers. Also, we added some extensions such as:

  1. WPML to create the language option on the site
  2. LiteSpeed Cache also allowed us to optimize the performance of the site
  3. Smush, to optimize and reduce the impact of images on the website.

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