Affordable Montreal web design company. We create custom software and website

We are a team of backends and frontend developers with expertise in website, ecommerce, and custom application development.

Affordable Montreal web design company. We create custom software and website

A Montreal web design agency that helps you stand out in the competition

Prositeweb is a web design company offering services such as backend and frontend development. We are among the best web development companies in montreal with our approach that combine software development and marketing. In fact, our expertise is not limited to integrating website. Below are some projects we can do for your business.

100% ergonomic solutions

Turnkey website

Formation et documentation

Free hosting for 1 year

Support technique

Software advice

Digital marketing service provider

Some technologies we use

We have had the opportunity to use one or more times one of these software for the realization of our web projects. Prositeweb is a team of specialized web developers. Contact us if you have a similar project.

Create the solution that sets you apart from the competition.


A unique design and features specific to your company can make the difference when it comes to positioning yourself in the market. This is why Prositeweb is able to work with you on the uniqueness of the functionalities of your web solutions.


We offer you training to allow you to have a certain autonomy in the management of your website or application. Indeed, to better position yourself against the competition, you must constantly innovate. This goes above all for improvements.


Web solutions on the market are not always suitable for all business needs. It takes some expertise to make necessary adjustments to a solution. the Prositeweb team can work with you in adapting the solutions to your needs.

We go beyond technological limitations to deliver the best

We go beyond technological limitations to deliver the best

  • Competence in backend and front-end development

    We can assist you both in the development of the visual of your website and in the development of functionalities

  • A passion for open-source content managers

    We are particularly passionate about open-source content managers. This has the effect of going beyond the limitations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions? We have compiled a set of questions that we usually receive from our customers and visitors. If after browsing the list, you require a response, please contact us.

The cost of a website depends on your projects, features and your vision for the long term. At Prositeweb, we estimate a minimum of 40 hours to build a good website. Therefore, if we use our hourly rate, you may need to spend at least CAD 3,200 on your website. It is essential to point out that the price of a website depends on whoever builds it. A freelancer may charge less and offer fewer options when it comes to adding features. Whereas with an agency, you have a team of professionals who take care of various aspects of your project.

With many years of experience in web development, we have established a standard based on the quality, performance and visibility of web platforms. Indeed, we firmly believe that a web solution should allow you to achieve an objective without too much hassle. Thus, working with Prositeweb Inc is chosen from a solution 100% adapted to all types of operating systems or screens; optimized for performance and security. On top of that, we constantly validate our codes to make sure they meet the W3C standard.

The tools you can choose for your project depend on different factors. In particular, if you intend to have a one-page website, HTML may be an option. For a transactional website, you can consider tools like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla. If you plan to sell on your website, we can recommend WooCommerce, PrestaShop or Shopify. About the best tool, we need to understand your need and resources to provide you with a suitable recommendation. Contact us.

The time spent on a project can be influenced by several factors. For example, we will spend less time on projects that are new to our production bank. By analogy, if we had the opportunity to work on a similar project in the past, it takes less time. In addition to that, if there are several similarities between your project and an in-house realization, the time to spend will be reduced considerably. To sum up, the time spent on a project depends, on the one hand, on our level of knowledge on the subject and on the other hand on the complexity of your project and finally on the availability of the solution sought.

No. Having a website is not imperative to generating sales for a business. Many companies have strategies for making money without having to use websites. However, having a website can bring you several benefits. Among these benefits, we can mention, the reduction of the time spent explaining your services, the opening of your activities on an international scale, easily growing your brand and much more. We believe that a site in this age of technology is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

In addition to a website, you must have a marketing and sales strategy. Having a website is only the first step. It's a plus when you can easily position yourself differently against the competition. As examples, we can cite: explain your activities less, sell 24 hours a day or even develop your brand locally and internationally.

Whether you are a student, local or international service provider or even a blogger, a website can be strategic to increase your visibility. A website allows you to better develop and present your products or services to potential customers. Via your website, you can attract potential investors or partners.

Our web agency has been working with several clients for almost five years. Our relationship begins with the design of their website. After developing your solution, we remain at your disposal for any needs relating to development, maintenance, updating or redesign.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We are a team of dedicated front-end and back-end developers based in Montreal. We help businesses to build and maintain their websites and applications.
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