Partenaires Immobiliers

Partenaires Immobiliers


Real Estate Partners


20 April 2024


2 mois

Partners Immobiliers is an agency of real estate Boisbriand brokerage experts. Indeed, it is a leader in the sale of residential and commercial properties. Its team works daily to provide individuals and businesses with easy access to a property. You can, for example, find out more about the company via their website. We had the privilege of developing a set of tools for the agency Partenaires Immobiliers.

Our projects

Some of our projects consisted of:

  • Create a mini-software to automatically generate websites for brokers. Indeed, the agency is made up of several independent brokers who need a dedicated platform to better approach their customers. Hence the need to facilitate the self-creation of websites for members as needed.
  • Develop extensions and mini-tools. To facilitate the daily life of the agency, it needed some extensions and tools that we had to create. So we worked on doing the customization and development.

Our work for Real Estate Partners

The design of the website — we collaborated on the design and development of the functionalities of their website to adapt it to their reality. Our intervention was, for example, simultaneously at the level of front-end and backend development via WordPress . The development of extensions — To enable them to achieve their goal and better optimize their daily tasks, we worked simultaneously on the development of various extensions. We can cite among others:

  • First, a synchronization module from Centris to the website
  • Next, a platform dedicated to value opinion
  • Finally, a sign generator and advertising design.

Reviews from our satisfied customers

Rene Lemay
Rene Lemay


Real Estate Partners

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