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Development of the Centris data import extension to WordPress

We are pleased to introduce the Centris data import extension to WordPress. Indeed, the company Partenaires Immobiliers asked us for the development of their extension. It is an extension that automates the recovery of data from a server directory. This data is then added to the site database. We will briefly tell you what we have achieved.

Why a Centris import extension to WordPress?

The real estate partner company asked our services to develop a module that would simplify the addition of listings (housing) to their website. In the past, to be able to better manage their business, she constantly had to take data from Centris and manually add it to the site. It was therefore a question of finding a way to lighten this task. To help solve the problem, we had the mandate to propose possible solutions. In summary, the project had three components:
  • First, Resume data from the server at regular intervals.
  • Then import this data into the website database.
  • Finally, use a web program to process the data in order to display it on the website dynamically.

Approaches to problem solving

To facilitate the development process, Partenaires Immobiliers provided us with Centris documentation. She also gave us some examples of files to import in Text and Ms Access versions.
We had to thoroughly analyze the Centris documentation in order to better understand the structure of the data. From our analysis, we were able to understand the mode of operation of the files that Centris presented in the server. We will also be able to establish the correlation between the tables (files). With several meetings with the owner of the agency, we were able to establish their real need. In addition, the constant communications with the agency and the documents at our disposal made it possible to establish a plan for the development of the module.

How the Centris to WordPress data import extension works

The Centris data import extension to WordPress takes data from a web server location. Then, this data is imported into the Website Database. We have developed codes that process this data and display it on the website. In collaboration with the agency Partners Real Estate, we are working to improve the tool and add modules to ensure that they achieve the objectives of their agency.
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