5 reasons not to use a free theme for your website

Today, most website developers use a predefined theme to design websites. By entrusting your website design project to your developer, you must specify what type of theme you want to use on your site. Due to the cost of development, some customers prefer to opt for free themes. In this article, we show you five reasons to avoid free themes and go for custom themes that set you apart from other sites.

Free Theme

What is a theme  ?

A theme, also known as a Template, is a set of graphic elements, allowing the arrangement of columns through the choice of colors to the structure of the various elements that surround a website, apart from its content.


5 reasons to avoid a free theme

If you want to design a website, but you are still not sure what types of themes to choose, here are five reasons that will allow you to change your choice on free themes.

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Limited functionality

Several free themes are restricted to minimalist features that do not promote your online growth. Indeed, if you browse the bank of themes online, you will realize that either the design lacks aesthetics, or it is sometimes not suitable for all types of screen; or you have to spend hours making configurations that you may have had by investing a small amount in the paid version.

By choosing a free theme you may be forced to use limited functionality, which will cause you to invest more time in improvement.


Risks of incompatibility

By choosing a free theme for your site, it could become obsolete. You may end up with a theme that is outdated or that is no longer relevant. However, an outdated theme will cause your website to malfunction, making it unusable for you and your visitors. Besides, this free theme can also have security holes.

Also, if you download a theme that was designed in 2004, and use it this year, you will see that this theme is going to cause some malfunction, as the technology is always changing every day may be incompatible with the technology you used to develop. your site.


Limited updates

Another reason not to choose a free theme is that they are rarely updated. Indeed, the lack of updates can have a direct implication on the security of your site. Thus, your site has a high chance of being faulty and less efficient.

For example, if you are using the free themes from the WordPress repository, you are probably going to find that a lot of these themes are limited in terms of updating. This may therefore be incompatible with updates to WordPress CMS versions.

No technical support

Going for a free theme means dealing with all the issues on your own. These free themes often don’t have technical support or documentation to help you with any issues. Without support, you often find yourself hiring people or a developer which becomes more expensive.

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Most of the time, the developers who offer free themes do not offer any guarantee of support. That is, they are not able to assist you when you need assistance.


May have coding problems

If you choose a free theme that does not exist on the official site, you run the risk of having a poorly coded theme. Some free theme developers don’t take the time to respect indentation or normal tag usage. This code problem can make your site vulnerable to security issues. In addition, it can affect the loading speed of pages on your site.


So, it is better to choose a paid theme to avoid having a badly coded theme on your site.


Different types of paid themes for a website.

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For the design of your website, there is the possibility of using a free or paid theme. In the case of paid themes, there are several themes to adapt depending on the purpose of your website.

Here are some of the most used paid themes.


ThemeForest a space that offers you the best Templates for a site made under WordPress. In addition, the prices are very affordable for the users. ThemeForest has detailed and precise headings and sub-headings. ThemeForest offer a few themes such as: the Gem theme, Avada theme, Be theme, etc.


Element Evanto

Element Evanto is the market leader in terms of graphic content. The advantage of using Envato Elements is its unlimited download offer. You can download as many as you want.

If you opt for Element Evanto you would have several features. In particular: videos, music and sound effects, graphic content, photos and images to edit, CMS Templates, etc.



Mythemeshop is a premium subscription with over 120 themes in its portfolio for e-commerce sites. It provides modern themes and also WordPress themes. The themes are light and the page load times are very fast.

Mythemeshop is one of the paid themes which has a very affordable price. You can also have a multisite installation and have several modern designs for your site.



Eleganthemes is an extension that can be used with any WordPress theme. This theme is recognized for its success and the large community it has. It offers you an annual license at an affordable price. Besides, this has a gateway that allows you to enter its API in order to update easily.


To note

Free themes don’t just have drawbacks. If someone is proficient in web development, using free themes as a basis for development can be beneficial. For example if you are using WordPress, the software comes with free themes like 2020, 2021. You can use them as a basis for development to be able to create websites.

However, if you are new to web development, it will seem complicated. on the other hand, if you have notions of development, it is the basis to be able to develop a solution quickly. You can also start from a free theme to be able to build stuff up front.



Here we hope that this article will help you easily choose the type of theme for your site. If you are looking for a developer for your website or for a custom theme, we are an expert website design agency. We use quality themes according to the needs of your site. Contact us now  !


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