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What Ecommerce Trends Should You Watch in 2024?

What Ecommerce Trends Should You Watch in 2024?
We have had several clues of E-commerce Trends for 2024 and we discuss them in this article. The year 2023 marked a significant turning point in the technological universe. Indeed, we have experienced a form of democratization of artificial intelligence (AI). Since the release of ChatGPT in late November 2022, generative applications have flourished, setting the stage for a major transformation in e-commerce in 2024. I see with you some areas that you can improve with AI .

1. Offer More Elaborated Content

In the world of e-commerce, quality content is the key to attracting and retaining customers. With the emergence of generative AI tools like ChatGPT, ShortlyAI, CopySmith and others, businesses can now deliver more sophisticated and engaging content. These tools allow the automatic creation of texts. For this, you can improve product descriptions, blog posts and even advertising scripts. A direct consequence is the saving in time and money. Below are some tools you can leverage.


One of the tools that will influence e-commerce trends in 2024 is ChatGPT. Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT is an advanced language model that can creatively generate text in response to specific prompts. It can be used to create product descriptions, blog posts, customer responses, and more.


Another powerful generative AI tool, ShortlyAI is designed to create quality content through sophisticated language models. It can generate text for various uses, including marketing and creating engaging content.


Specializing in generating persuasive ad copy, CopySmith uses AI to create eye-catching messages, ad scripts, and other promotional content.


Wordtune focuses on improving the style and clarity of text. It uses AI to provide writing suggestions to optimize content for better readability and appropriate tone.


Outwrite is an AI-powered text editing tool that provides suggestions for improving
  • the grammar,
  • the structure,
  • and style of content
This contributes significantly to the overall quality of the text.

2. Creating Quality Photos

Visualization plays an essential role in e-commerce. AI has also made its mark in this area. Indeed, tools such as Canva, Microsoft Designer, DeepArt.io, Let's Enhance, and Deep Dream Generator help you with your photos. They offer the possibility of improving or generating quality photos. This way, you can present images to your customers that reflect their brand identity in a more authentic and engaging way.

Can go

Canva is not exclusively AI-powered, but it offers a user-friendly platform for graphic design. It offers ready-made templates and editing features to create quality images.

Microsoft Designer

This Microsoft tool uses AI capabilities to improve graphic design, providing intelligent features for creating visual elements.


DeepArt.io uses deep learning to apply the artistic style of one image to another, creating unique visual works.

Let's Enhance

Let's Enhance uses AI to improve the resolution and quality of images, helping to achieve sharper and more detailed visuals.

Deep Dream Generator

This tool applies artistic transformations to your photos using deep learning techniques, giving a unique and creative look.

DALL-E by OpenAI

DALL-E can generate images from textual descriptions, providing an innovative approach to creating visual illustrations.

3. Creation of a Demonstration for its Products

Using demo videos can significantly influence the online purchasing decision. You can use tools like Camtasia, Loom, Wistia, Powtoon, and Adobe Spark. They make it easy to create engaging product demos, allowing customers to better understand product features and benefits before making a purchase.


Camtasia is screen capture and video editing software that helps create professional product demos with advanced editing features.


Loom is a screen capture tool that allows you to record product demonstrations while incorporating voice commentary, making it ideal for interactive presentations.


Wistia is a video management platform that offers features to host, personalize and share product demo videos with built-in analytics.


Powtoon is an animated video creation platform that can be used to produce engaging product demos with attractive visuals.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark offers video creation tools that help easily produce professional product demos with pre-made templates.

4. Virtual Assistance Tools

Implementing AI-powered virtual assistants is transforming the online shopping experience. You can use platforms like Dialogflow, IBM Watson Assistant, Microsoft Azure Bot Service, and Chatbot.com. These will allow you to offer automated support by answering customer questions instantly.

Dialogflow (by Google Cloud)

Dialogflow is a chatbot development platform by Google Cloud. It provides natural language processing capabilities to create conversational interactions.

IBM Watson Assistant

Powered by IBM, Watson Assistant uses AI to create intelligent chatbots that can understand and answer customer questions in a natural way.

Microsoft Azure Bot Service

This Microsoft solution allows you to create, deploy and manage intelligent chatbots using familiar development tools.


Chatbot.com is a user-friendly platform for creating chatbots without programming. It offers features to automate interactions with customers.


OpenAI offers an API for ChatGPT that allows developers to integrate the advanced conversational capabilities of

Conclusion on e-commerce trends

In 2024, e-commerce trends will certainly be influenced by AI. AI is undeniably shaping the online commerce landscape. More sophisticated content, quality images, interactive product demonstrations and virtual assistants improve the shopping experience, building consumer trust and driving online business growth. To remain competitive, businesses should explore these innovative tools and integrate AI into their business strategy. The future of online commerce is driven by artificial intelligence, and it's time to adapt to this revolution. Contact us to integrate the tools into your business.