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How to index your business very quickly on Google?

How to index your business very quickly on Google?
Have you completed the creation of your website and would like to know how to index your business very quickly on Google? If so, in this article I explain how to speed up the indexing of your website.

Step 0: Make sure your website is web-ready.

Once development is complete, it may be tempting to quickly publish your website. However, it is important to know that once the website is online, it defines what people perceive of you. So here are some steps to take before publishing the website.

1- Validate the quality of your content;

Make sure your website has presentable content. You must validate the syntaxes, have your team proofread and adjust with the right keywords.

2 - Validate the basic SEO aspect;

Validate the basic SEO aspect Search engine optimization is a pretty broad concept. However, before putting your site online, you can validate a few important elements. Notably :
  • The performance of your website. The question will be whether your website is fast enough on different types of devices. Additionally, you can, for example, use the GTmetrix platform to perform tests. Alternatively, you can use the LightHouse tool found on your Chrome browser.
  • The accessibility of your website. Have you considered the visually impaired in your web development process? In this case, using the right tags and adding titles on clickable elements that are not easily discernible can help to better understand your website.
  • Follow good programming practices. It is generally a question of using suitcases that are not obsolete and avoiding resources marked as unsafe. The W3C validator tool can help you in this regard.
So, there are several other things that you can validate before putting your website online. However, I invite you to consult our article on six elements to validate on the website before going online .

Step 1. Create a “Google Search Console” account.

Create a Google Search Console account Google provides you with a platform dedicated to natural referencing called Google Search Console. Via Google Search Console, you can get personalized advice on the natural indexing of your website. You can, for example, have tools such as:
  • Your pages indexed on Google
  • The tool for submitting the sitemap
  • The option to remove links from Google
  • Performance Analysis
To get your website indexed quickly on Google, you need the sitemap tab.

Step 2. Generate a website map.

A website map is a page, often in XML format, that you can use to speed up the indexing of your website. The sitemap contains the list of different pages that you have on your website. For CMS such as WordPress, sitemaps are available by default via the url/sitemap.xml link. If you use other web design tools, you can use the XML Sitemaps platform to generate your website map for free. To use XML sitemaps, you must follow the following steps:
  • Visit the XML sitemaps website,
  • Enter your URL and click “Start”
  • after a few minutes, the platform will generate a website map
You can then download the XML version that you will add to the main directory of your website.

Step 3: Submit your website map link to Google Search Console

Sitemap Once you have added the website map to your website's main directory, you can finally submit the link to quickly index your website on Google. To submit your link, log in to your account and follow the following steps:
  • look for the “Sitemap” tab
  • In the “Add a new Sitemap” tab, insert the link to your website map.

Step 4: Update your website on your Google My Business listing.

If you have an existing business, to quickly index your website on Google, you must also update your Google listing. For this, you have two options:
  1. Use the website suggestion option offered by Google (open to the public)
  2. You sign in to your Google My Business account.

In conclusion,

It can be relatively easy to get your website indexed quickly on Google if you follow the steps we suggested above. If you need assistance with the process, contact us . You can also contact us for your website design and business application services. Check out our services to find out more.

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