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How to fix "You are on a domain pending verification."

How to fix "You are on a domain pending verification."
Have you ever had the message "You are on a domain awaiting verification" instead of your website? In this article, we will see how to fix the problem. ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) sometimes blocks domain names that are not verified. And, that's exactly what happens with yours.

Here are two procedures to follow to fix the problem “You are on a domain pending verification.”

If you ever encounter this type of problem, you should:
  • Verify the email address found in your domain name contact information.
  • Enter the validation code you see on the screen
  • Log in to your email to see if you receive a message
  • Click on the link you will find in your email to validate your domain name.
How to fix "You are on a domain pending verification."

What if you don't receive an email?

If you do not receive an email, it is possible that:
  • you received it in your Spam mailbox . Indeed, you may receive the email in your spam box and in this case, just check and use it.
  • Your email address is not functional . If your email address is not functional, you will have to modify your information in the site with which you purchased the domain name. Then you will have to try again.
  • You use the domain name associated with your domain name. It is possible that your email is associated with your domain name which is no longer active. It will simply be a question of modifying in your account (domain name provider). Then, thereafter, you must try again.
It is important to note that the changes you make to your domain name data could take 24 to 48 hours to propagate. You must therefore be patient if you have made changes.

After validating the domain name, what to do?

Once you have validated your domain name, you should see that your website is reactivated. If this is not the case, you must wait one to two days before reviewing. It is also possible that your domain name provider will assist you in solving the problem.

Conclusion and important note

When you buy a domain name, it is crucial to do the necessary checks. Indeed, having an error message can take days to fix. This can have an impact on the course of your activities. If you need services in designing websites or web applications for business, contact us .

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