Do you want a domain name for your organization? Several companies online give you the possibility to buy them. We will list some of them for you. Before giving you some examples, let’s see together what a domain is.

What is a domain name?


Your Domain Name is the address of your site on the net. Indeed, it is the first thing people ask when talking about your website. Thus, its choice plays a capital role in your online positioning. Therefore, you must choose a name that is easy to remember and that most closely matches your industry.


Basically, your address is in the form of an IP address (a unique number unique to each computer and that identifies you on the Internet). However, under an IP (One machine), we can have several folders representing each website. The logic is similar to the numbering of blocks of houses with apartments in the west.

As IP management is complex, the web world has found a way to replace IPs with domain names.

Nom de domaine

How does it work?

When you decide to create a website, you agree to have a server (where to store your data) and not a domain.

Your web server offers you the IP address for your website. For example, you will have, for IP address 127.0. 0.1 or If you are using a web server shared with other users, your real name on the web might be “ / company”. As you can see, “ / company” is not illustrative enough and complicated to remember.

The general idea behind domain names is to replace the “ / company” with a name that is easy to remember and understand. You can also hide your base IP so that malicious people are not necessarily or aware of what address you have.

Some domain name providers.

You will find several domain name providers on the net. Here are some of the most popular.


GoDaddy is one of the most popular providers. It offers several other services such as hosting, messaging system or website builder. You will find domain names on their site starting at $0.99



JustHost offers domain names and hosting, starting at $5 per month. You can visit their site to see what it offers.



It offers hosting, domain names and website builders. If you want a lower-cost solution and great support, you can check out what HostPapa has to offer.

Web hosting Canada (WHC)

It is a company that offers website hosting, domain names, web marketing … It is quite popular in Canada.



How to choose a domain name

Before you start choosing an address, you must have a company name. Indeed, it is easier to do research when you have your company name. We are not going to dwell much on the choice of the company name. However, when choosing your company name, you certainly consider your industry? Your target. Below are some characteristics of a good domain name:

  • The length of the name. The shorter, the better. Indeed, a long name is complicated to remember.
  • Easy to remember. When choosing a name, you should take into consideration that people may not rate it. So, take an easy-to-remember address, so people can find you online when needed.
  • Avoid special characters. In the past, you couldn’t register names with special characters. It is allowed to do so nowadays. It would be best if you still avoided it.
  • Choose a name with the correct extension. The extension of domain names (com, ca, fr …) plays a role in the classification of your locality and organization type. The generic extension is; however, you should take an extension depending on your country or sector of activity if possible.

Studies to be done before choosing a domain name.

Several online platforms offer domain names. If you do a Google search, you will certainly be spoiled for choice. We cannot advise against purchasing a domain name from any company. Here are some tips you should consider before choosing a supplier.

  • Its reputation online – Several hosting companies have a bad reputation on the net, which can impact your online services.
  • Technical Support – One of the biggest challenges you might have on the internet is finding the answer when you have a problem. Indeed, not all service providers are accessible. As a result, you could get frustrated with certain domain name vendors quickly.
  • Check if it offers the possibility of protecting your domain name.

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