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A security certificate: How to install one for free?

A security certificate: How to install one for free?
A security certificate (SSL) encrypts the communication between a visitor (client) and the server. Indeed, during the visit of an Internet user to your website, the information that it enters either via the forms or any other means can be intercepted by a hacker. This is the reason you must apply SSL to protect your customers' data first. And, also, to protect your company's reputation. In this article, we will see what a security certificate is. Then we will see how to install one for free.

About the security certificate

You certainly want to find out what an SSL is. In this section, we say more.

What is an SSL security certificate?  

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is an electronic certificate that authenticates the identity of a website and enables an encrypted connection.   The SSL certificate activates the “HTTPS” protocol, in order to ensure a secure connection between the web server and the browser. SSL is generally used to secure banking transactions, data transfers, and login information. In the digital age, having an SSL is essential to have online visibility. Indeed, search engines like Google disadvantage companies that do not have SSL. Recommended Reading: Google Migrates Insecure "Mixed Content" to HTTPS in Chrome, Blocks All Insecure Content By Default.

How it works  

SSL is a protocol used to encrypt and authenticate data sent between your browser and a web server. It harnesses the power of two keys are long strings. One of the strings is called a private key and the other public key. The public key is known to your server and available in the public domain. It can be used to encrypt any message on your site.  

Why use an SSL certificate on your site  

For businesses, an SSL certificate is required to obtain an HTTPS web address. HTTPS is the secure form of an HTTP address. This means that HTTPS websites are protected by the SSL protocol. This is a way of alerting users that the site may be dangerous, and it encourages companies to migrate to an HTTPS address.   SSL certificates ensure the privacy of site visitors and the authenticity of the website so that users can share their private information with confidence. Personal information like, credit card numbers, health insurance, or financial information.  

Advantages of the SSL certificate  

The SSL certificate has a few benefits that can help you in selecting a certificate for your website.  


The SSL certificate ensures the confidentiality of your data and prevents hackers from hacking your data. In other words, it reduces the hacking of information exchanged between the server and the browser. It allows authentication of a site and assures the visitor that it is indeed the official site of the company sought. You can also add the logo of the company producing the SSL certificate to your site, another guarantee of trust for your visitors and customers.  

An asset for e-commerce sites  

The certificate is of great importance for e-commerce sites. It protects and secures the data and information of your users as much as possible. We have found that most visitors are afraid to fill in their information such as bank details on an unsecured site. So if you have an SSL certificate, your customers will feel safe and comfortable entering their personal information.  

Easy installation  

It is possible to install an SSL certificate at the hosting level of your website. For example, if you have a site that only has a few pages, having an SSL certificate is not a necessity until the site is still collecting sensitive data from your users.  


Although there are advantages, it can also present problems.

Very high cost  

There are free SSL certificates, but it is recommended to opt for a paid SSL certificate. Prices vary depending on the type of certificate you choose. The cost may be higher if you wish to have an additional level of security.  

Complex proxy caching configuration  

Another issue with an SSL certificate is the complex configuration of the proxy caching system on your web server. All of your encrypted content will not be able to be cached due to the incorrect caching configuration. It is possible to work around this issue by adding a server to handle the encryption before it reaches the caching server. Encrypted content cannot be cached. To work around this difficulty, you need to add. This will require additional costs, but it's a good way to ensure that you encrypt your visitors' data when they access your website.  

Web address confused  

If your SSL certificate is not properly configured and some files are still served over HTTP rather than HTTPS, visitors will receive a warning message in their browser. These warnings will tell them that some data is not protected. Therefore, it may interfere with some visitors browsing your website.  

Where to get a security certificate (SSL)?  

To acquire an SSL certificate, you can do so directly from a certificate authority. Here is a comparison of the few sites that sell SSL certificates.  


SSLs.com is a well-known Security Certificate provider that is appreciated by many users. This can also be noticed by the percentage of customer reviews (4.8/5) evaluated out of 85 customers. This company offers SSL at relatively affordable costs. You could, for example, find certificates starting at $3.44/year. Their prices vary between $3.44 and $50.88  


NameCheap is also a Security Certificate provider that offers the full range of SSL certificates at very affordable prices. Their prices range between $5.99 to $120.88 per year. You will find information there regardless of your needs and your budget. In terms of reviews, they have a percentage of 4.4/5 rated from ‎6,848 customers.  


LeSSLStore.com is a provider that offers website security solutions. The SSL Store offers the cheapest SSL Certificates on the market. Prices range from $14.95 all the way up to $2,600 per year. Thanks to their prices, they have 4.5/5 percent of reviews on their site.  

GoDaddy SSL  

GoDaddy SSL is a Security Certificate provider that offers SSL certification services. These certificates are often issued online within minutes and come with 256-bit encryption. The latter offers certificates between $63.99 to $295.99/per year. This gives them a percentage of 4/5 or 21,477 customers.  

How to install the Let's Encrypt certificate on its website (for free)

Let's Encrypt is a non-profit organization that offers security certificates for free. It is sponsored by several major companies around the world. Indeed, if you visit their website, you will see sponsors such as Shopify, Mozilla, or Chrome. A security certificate: How to install one for free? To install Let's Encrypt, here are the requirements you must meet:
  • You are required to have a domain name. We cannot install Let's Encrypt, for example, on a local server (unless connecting with a domain name).
  • Validate that your web server has's Encrypt. Alternatively, you can install it from the command lines.
The security certificate you get from Let's Encrypt expires after three months. However, you can redo the installation without any problem on your web server.