Magento 1.x reaches end-of-support on June 30, 2020, what other options do you have?

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My Magento 2 Command-line cheat-list

Save time focusing on what matters the most with the current Magento 2 Command-line cheat-list. I have compiled the list first of all for us, usually working on Magento 2 projects and then for you that would be wondering how to get some information from the command line.

Here are 4 different approaches to reset a Magento 2 Admin password

In this article, we show you how to reset a Magento 2 Admin password. We elaborate on four ways to achieve that - Reset link, database, command-line, and a second administrator login.

How to start an affiliate business and sell people products on your website?

Affiliate marketing allows you to sell the companies' products on your site for a commission. In this article, I share with you a guide to help you get started.

4 tips to make money on the internet using existing tools

Several tools are offered to you to make money on the internet. Via this article, we give you 4 tips that can help you generate residual income online. We will talk about blogs, Adsense, Youtube or selling affiliate products.

Four online marketplaces that will help you to generate more Income for your eCommerce

Online marketplaces are great tools to increase online sales. In this article, we give you 4 of them. i.e. Google Shopping, Amazon, Facebook MarketPlace and CJ commission. With those websites, you will be able to synchronize products from your website to their solutions to increase your reach.

Kaspersky researchers found out that some hackers are using Google Analytics to steal Credit Card information

Kaspersky recently found that hackers are using Google Analytics to steal Credit Card data. We explain measures you can put in place to protect your website and avoid any problem that may arise.

Google ReCaptcha V3 - a Complete Guide to integrating on PHP website

If you have been long enough on the internet, you will surely understand when I say, "Spams are a real headache." For instance, spamming fragilize your mailing server and sometimes causes damages that you would never forget. In today's post, we talk about a simple way to fight spams using Google Recaptcha V3 on a PHP website.

Use our extension to connect your website to Captcha and Social Media

In order to simplify the integration of some basic forms such as the account creation form on the frontend, the login form, the newsletter form or the contact form, we have grouped all these forms together via a minimalist extension. To ensure security, we have integrated catcha V3 on all forms. If you are interested in using it for your projects, you will find the link below.

10 steps to successfully sell online

Are you looking for a way to start with your eCommerce business? In this article, we offer you ten steps to easily succeed with your online sales.

How to send SMS from your website with Twilio

Do you want to send SMS to your customers from your website? This small tutorial will show you how to achieve that. In only three steps, we are going to see how to create a Twilio account, add SDK on a project and create a form to send SMS.

Do you constantly receive unwanted emails via your website?

If you are receiving unwanted emails via your website, you can use captcha to block the security breaches on your web site. Captcha helps in reducing spam and in blocking the spammers from using robot to insert errors in your code.

How you can modify the content of your website ?

This article permits you to modify the content of your static site to make it dynamic for greater visibility on the Web.

5 tips to boost your conversion on the web.

To boost your conversion on the Web, you must: install a live chat, simplify the ordering process, ensure continuity of information, analyze the performance of your pages and optimize the ergonomics of your website.