Why is my site loading slowly? Simple causes and solutions Why is my site loading slowly? Simple causes and solutions

Why is my site loading slowly? Simple causes and solutions

Why is my site loading slowly? Simple causes and solutions. Our article, combined with a video, will help you solve the problem

When browsing the Internet, nothing is more frustrating than waiting for a web page to load. If you own a site, you should know that speed is crucial: slow loading can drive away visitors, affect your search engine rankings, and harm user experience. But what are the reasons for such a slowdown and how can we remedy it?

1. Large and unoptimized images

Cause: An uncompressed high-resolution image makes the page heavier. Solution: Use tools like TinyPNG or Compressor.io to reduce the size of images without compromising their quality.

2. Too many HTTP requests

Cause: Each element (image, script, style sheet) requires a separate request. Solution: Combine similar files and adopt lazy loading for non-essential content.

3. Slow web server

Cause: An unresponsive server causes delays. Solution: Opt for quality hosting or consider a CDN to distribute content more efficiently.

4. Unnecessary plugins or extensions

Cause: Some plugins are poorly coded or burden your site. Solution: Review and disable unnecessary plugins. Regularly update the ones you keep.

5. Large or unoptimized code

Cause: Cumbersome code can slow down the page. Solution: Minify your files and remove unnecessary code with tools like CSSNano or UglifyJS.

6. No caching

Cause: Without caching, visitors reload all items on each visit. Solution: Use caching plugins or configure server-side caching.

7. Too many advertisements

Cause: Excessive or poorly optimized ads can hurt speed. Solution: Reduce the number of ads and favor advertising networks recognized for their performance.

8. Blocking scripts

Cause: Scripts, especially third-party ones, can block rendering. Solution: Add the async or defer attributes to your scripts so that they load in parallel.

9. Custom web fonts

Cause: Some sites use too many fonts or character styles. Solution: Limit your use of web fonts and preload the ones you use the most.

10. Slow network connection

Cause: Visitors with a slow connection will have a delayed experience. Solution: Further optimize your site for slow connections and consider adaptive solutions. Conclusion The speed of your website is not to be neglected. By implementing these solutions, you will improve user experience, increase your conversions and strengthen your online presence. Don't forget to regularly monitor your site's performance using tools like Google PageSpeed Insights to stay on top of optimization.

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