What is the WooCommerce extension and how do I use it?

Comment créer votre boutique en ligne avec WooCommerce

The WooCommerce extension is a feature of WordPress which allows you to create an online store. In the web world, it is in the first position of the tools that companies use to design their online store. Its popularity is no accident, and we’ll find out why. We will also see how you can use it for the creation of your online store.

Why use the WooCommerce extension?

Its interface is incorporated into the WordPress platform, which is already the most popular. For this purpose, you can use the same functionality of WordPress to add to the WooCommerce extension’s functionality. Below are some advantages:

Open-source software

The platform is open-source. In other words, you have the freedom to make the changes as you wish. Thus, the possibilities for customization are limitless.

A free solution

There is a Free version and a Paid version. The free version is free. You can download and install it under your self-host site. Also, a large community of developers work voluntarily to continue to maintain the software.

A large community of developers

Several developers around the world are working on the evolution of the WooCommerce platform. As a benefit, updates are available regularly. More. You can easily find extensions to accelerate your growth online.

Fairly detailed documentation

Whether you are a developer or a beginner looking for information for your site, this software is for you. Indeed, the documentation of the WooCommerce platform is quite detailed and easy to understand. Also, you have access to several online forums to guide you in your projects.

Some features


WooCommerce integrates a lot of other paid extensions or not when your needs. All these installed extensions interact perfectly. With them, you can follow sales in detail, improve the design and ergonomics of WooCommerce or configure flash sales, for example.


You can leave a simple store to create a Marketplace easily thanks to WooCommerce.

Some disadvantages of WooCommerce

What are the shadow parts of this tool?


Woocommerce is unfortunately not compatible with some available themes. He doesn’t adapt well. If you are not a developer, sometimes you need to hire developers to make adjustments to your article.


The cost of some extensions in addition to WooCommerce can disgust many and scare them away.


Some tasks would require development skills.

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How to use the WooCommerce extension for the design of your online store.

To design the WooCommerce extension to develop your online store, you have 3 main options:

  • Work with a developer on the design of your website. In this case, you can hire a freelance writer or an agency to assist you. If you want to have an estimate in this direction, contacts/s/ you.
  • Subscribe to the option with a subscription under the platform WordPress.com. The wordpress.com platform gives you the possibility to create your website or online store by subscribing to a subscription. You can visit their website for more information.
  • Create your own online store. This part will be about creating your website yourself, installing the WooCommerce extension from your administrator panel.

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