At 10 seconds of load time on mobile devices, you stand a chance of losing all your potential customers. This article explains how you can improve your website. The Load time of your website plays a vital role in conversion. The more your website is slow, the more the bounce rate is high.

According to a study made by think with Google on mobile devices, your bounces rate could go up to 106% if the load time is above 6s. In order words, you might not be able to get customers on mobile devices users. These are a few things you can do to improve the load time of your website.

Load Time

Image Credit: Think with Google

How do you improve the load time of your website?

  • Properly resize your pictures for mobile devices. There is no need using an image with a size of 2000px * 2000px on mobile devices.
  • Additionally, If you are using jpg and png on your website, it will be better to use png for logos and places that you want to keep the background colour predominant. Whereas, jpg will be better for other images on the website. The reason is that jpg is generally less dense than png.
  • Moreover, you can Minify your CSS and JS files. CSS and JavaScript can impact the speed of your website considerably. To reduce the effect, you can try to compress as much as possible those files. If you are using Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, I will recommend the use of Fast Minify Velocity. If you are using Magento, there is an admin setting that you can use to compress your files.
  • Avoid using too many plugins or extensions on your website. Although plugins can help you add more features on your website, they might impact your website performance. An alternative could be to do custom programming for some of the features of your site.

Some tools that you can use to monitor your load time

It is not easy to always follow all the pages of our website. To avoid mistakes, you can make use of some existing tools to continually monitor your load time. Some of those tools are:
  • GTmetrix - This tool is a powerful tool to analyze your website performance. It will. For example, tell you which images to optimize or what feature you need to adjust
  • - It will help you to analyze and fix your SEO issues instantly. And that includes recommendations about the load time.
  • Smush - (for WordPress users). This plugin will help you to optimize and resize your images
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