At Prositeweb, we offer web server management and hosting services for websites and online stores. Indeed, we understand the importance of having a reliable and secure web server. Because it guarantees the availability and security of websites and online shops.

Our web server management services

Prositeweb offers several types of web server management services to its customers.

Configuring web servers

We configure web servers to provide optimal performance and maximum security. Our service includes among others:

Software installation and configuration

we install and configure software such as Apache, Nginx , MySQL and PHP to ensure that websites and online stores run smoothly.

Other web server management services

  1. Updates and patch management: We manage updates and patches to ensure web servers are up-to-date and secure.
  2. Server Monitoring: We monitor web servers to detect problems and resolve them quickly.

Our hosting services

If you are looking for a team of experts to assist you in hosting your website, contact us. Indeed, we offer secure and personalized hosting.

Website and online store hosting

we host websites and online stores on top quality web servers to ensure maximum uptime.


We focus on security to protect websites and online stores from malicious attacks.


We perform regular backups of websites and online stores to ensure that data is safe in the event of failure or loss.

Technical support

We offer technical support to solve problems and answer customer questions. By working with Prositeweb for the management of their web servers and the hosting of their websites or online stores, companies can expect a superior web server environment. Indeed, we offer maximum availability and optimal security for their websites and online stores.