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Prositeweb Chooses Bedrock: A New Approach to WordPress Website Design

Prositeweb Chooses Bedrock: A New Approach to WordPress Website Design
At Prositeweb, innovation is at the heart of our approach to offering quality web solutions to our clients. Recently, we made a bold choice by adopting Bedrock as our primary WordPress website design tool. In this article, we will explain the reasons behind this choice and how Bedrock offers a more advanced and secure approach to developing websites.

Extra Security with Bedrock

WordPress is undeniably one of the most popular website building tools, but its overuse of plugins and development approach sometimes leaves sites vulnerable. At Prositeweb, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the security of our websites. One of the main reasons we chose Bedrock is its ability to add an extra layer of security. Bedrock helps separate components and minimize access to certain features, thereby strengthening overall site security. Having previously used command lines with solutions such as Drupal , Magento , and Symfony , we saw how it could be beneficial in the development process.

Compose with WordPress: A Major Asset of Bedrock

Bedrock makes it easy to use Composer with WordPress, a PHP dependency manager. This makes development more reliable, promotes team collaboration, and helps maintain a cleaner Git repository. An important feature of Bedrock is its default disabling of the ability to add, remove, or modify plugins and themes on non-development environments. This provides an additional level of control, contributing to the stability and security of the site.

Environment Specific Configuration

Bedrock uses Dotenv to manage environment-specific configuration. This approach allows you to configure different values depending on the environment in which the site is operating. The directory structure is also designed to be easily understandable, simplifying management of specific configurations.

Improved WordPress Security

Bedrock's structure limits access to non-public files and offers the option of using more secure passwords using wp-password-bcrypt. This strengthens WordPress security, which is essential in the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape.


By choosing Bedrock, Prositeweb is committed to offering its customers advanced and secure WordPress websites. You will agree that this transition to a more modern and secure approach to web development will better meet the growing demands of our customers. If you are looking to take your WordPress website to the next level, please work with Prositeweb . We are here to turn your ideas into reality with innovative and secure web solutions.