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"Socles des chiens de race" is an e-commerce solution more like listing. Its primary purpose is to connect buyers and sellers of dogs. Indeed, Mr. Possi Joseph, who is a retired farmer and passionate about pets one day, decides to embark on the breeding of dogs. It is, therefore, intending to expand its activities that we have put the platform together. The website offers several features, and below, we will list some of them.

Connection or account creation

We have set up two possibilities to connect to the platform. On the one hand, users can use their email address to log in. On the other hand, if a user wants to save time, there is the possibility of connecting with Facebook.

The privileges of the site "Socles des chiens de race."

The site gives the possibility to users to connect either as a customer or a merchant. Initially, if a user (customer) finds a product, he can contact the seller via our communication interface. We believe that the client may also have a dog for sale. In this case, switching from one type of profile to another is easy.

Product display

We have implemented an easy-to-update management panel. For this purpose, traders can quickly put their products online. No need to be on a desktop to use the solution; we took into account the ergonomics of the site.

Characteristics of the site Pedestals of purebred dogs

"Socles des chiens de race" has several other attributes including:
  • It is 100% mobile-friendly - no matter what type of screen the client has, the site is easy to access
  • Optimized for search engines and browsers
  • Secure and suitable for almost all kinds of web browsers
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