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GTA Telecommunication website

GTA Telecommunications is a telecommunications company that offers residential unlimited broadband Internet and telephone services across Canada, with free installation. Thus, the owner asked us for the design of his website. It is then with pleasure that we present the results to you.

About the project of the company GTA Telecommunication

To better serve its customers and have more visibility, we were contacted by the director of the company GTA Telecommunication for the design of its website. The contract consisted, among other things, of: determining the purpose of the site; Design the logo; Create the design; Make the choice of features; Integrate content for the site; finally, carry out tests and validation. Contact us if you have a similar project.

Technology Used

To realize this project, we used Bootstrap — PHP, MySQL. We mainly chose Bootstrap because it allows you to design a mobile-friendly website. Indeed, Bootstrap is a CSS and JavaScript library that has a set of elements to easily make a mobile-friendly website. So, if you can do the configuration, you can, for example, make a site that adapts equally well to mobile, tablet and desktop computers.

Creating the design for the website

We designed a 100% custom design based on an HTML theme for the GTA Telecommunication website. Our choice was therefore based on the fact that we wanted to have enough flexibility in the use of extensions.

Development of the Theme for GTA Telecommunication

To develop the theme of the site, we used design chosen by the client. We have also chosen together some important extensions for the proper functioning of the site. These extensions were effectively complementary options to those we already had in-house.

Embed content for the site

We worked with the client to integrate Content. In addition, we offered training to reduce the task and facilitate the continuity of content writing.

Payment module integration

For the GTA Telecom website, we have integrated the PayPal online payment module to facilitate transactions between the company and its customers.

Testing and validation of the GTA Telecommunication site

At the end of the development of the GTA Telecom site, we did a series of tests and validations to reassure ourselves that the site was ready to go live. Among the trials we have:

  • Validated that the site was 100% adapted to Mobile and tablets
  • Tested the performance of the site. We have also optimized the images, reduced the impact of the server on the site and Optimized the CSS and JavaScript codes.
  • Validated HTML Syntaxes. At the end of each web project, we take the time to validate that the website uses only the correct HTML syntaxes. We therefore always carry out an analysis on the W3C platform before going live.

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