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How and why to use Framework7 for its hybrid mobile application?

How and why to use Framework7 for its hybrid mobile application?
Do you want to know how to use Framework7 to build your mobile application? In this article, we are going to cover some fundamentals about the Framework7 tool. What is it concretely? How to use it? What can be the advantages compared to other tools on the web market?

How did we start using Framework7?

In 2017, we are looking for a tool that should allow us to create a mobile application hosted on the web; but that we might publish on Google Play or App store. Among the options we found, Framework7 offered a lot of examples to facilitate our learning. First, their website offered options that we can use as an example to understand how it works. And, in addition, websites like Themeforest had models that were similar to what we were looking for.

Some benefits

There are several development and customer benefits. Indeed, for a web developer with notions in backend (PHP, Java) and Frontend (HTML, CSS and JS) development, using such a tool can be very easy. For end users, the rendering is incredible. Simultaneously, the application is relatively fast; as well as, you can find all the features that you will find on native apps. Below are some advantages:
  • The documentation is well detailed. For a web developer, being able to easily understand a tool is essential. If you want to learn how to use Framework7, you will find several resources online.
  • A growing community. Several developers are increasingly interested in this tool. On the home page, you will find, for example, the list of several renowned companies that sponsor the project.
  • It can easily be added to several other tools. You can easily use this framework with several other tools like Vue Js, React Svelte

How to get started with Framework7?

You will find several free patterns online. To get started, we recommend that you download examples to practice. On the templates page, you come across several examples that may be of interest to you. Before you start learning, you must have at least these notions:
  • HTML development, to easily make changes in HTML syntaxes
  • Knowledge of JavaScript languages (a bit of jQuery) and AJAX
For server-side data management, the use of any backend programming language is possible.

Projects we have done with Framework7

We created Ensea Bill mobile app with Framework7. It is a financial management app available on Google Play . Our team is also in the process of developing a second application which we will publish very soon.

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