Development and choice of functionalities

We support you in the development and choice of different functionalities for your website. Creation of plugins/Modules, theme development and custom programming.

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Development and choice of functionalities

Apps and Features

Website translation

Prositeweb offers website translation service. We help you set up manual and automatic translation tools.

Our solutions

We offer you a range of solutions to help you stand out from the competition. Visit our website and contact us.

Web hosting

We offer our customers website hosting services. Server installation, configuration and data security

General programming

Our team masters a wide range of languages and frameworks to meet all your general programming needs.

Creation of tailor-made appearances for website

Prositeweb brings your web dreams to life with unique and personalized appearances. We are experts in Drupal, Magento and WordPress.

Integration of third-party applications – ERP, CRM and modules

Optimize your workflow by seamlessly integrating third-party apps. I offer customized integration solutions to enhance the efficiency of your operations.

Some solutions for businesses

   Automatically import Centris data onto your website.

PSW Centris Connect is a WordPress extension that allows you to import data directly into your website. This ensures automated management of your website.

   Transform your WordPress pages into an online store using PayPal

A WordPress plugin that allows you to add the PayPal payment option to your pages in minutes.

   Law 25…Cookie Consent Plugin for WordPress

Cookie Pro Consent — WordPress Plugin is a WordPress plugin that allows you to notify your users about the use of cookies. This allows you to comply with the law while being transparent with your visitors.

   Your website in PWA… WordPress extension

Add the Progressive web application option to your website in seconds using our WordPress plugin.

   ChatGPT for WordPress… Your content writing assistant.

A WordPress plugin that uses the ChatGPT API to auto-generate content for your website. It's very easy to configure and use.

   reCAPTCHA for login and registration

The reCAPTCHA v2 and v3 is a WordPress plugin that we developed for the WordPress community with the aim of improving website security. The plugin is currently available on WordPress.org.

Some achievements

Some testimonies

Edgard You

Having worked with Prositeweb and Gilblas for a few months, I recommend it thanks to its responsiveness and expertise in development/Full Stack/Magento.

Some testimonies

Marketing Coordinator @Always

Martin Beaudet

At the beginning of 2024, we worked with Prositeweb, Gilblas and it was a real pleasure and success. It comes down to follow-up, communication and competence. This is what we are looking for when we entrust a personalized web mandate (API) like ours. Chapeau, Prositeweb, Gilblas, I recommend it and I will work with it again without a doubt.

Some testimonies

President @Authen-tic

Tchetcha Dany Jauresse

Prositeweb uses the latest technologies in website development and software. Also master e-commerce marketing.

Some testimonies

Executive assistant @Dany Jauresse Tchetcha

Lucy Vannelli

Professional and very competent x

Some testimonies

President @DressScoop

Development and Choice of Features

At Prositeweb, we believe that the key to a successful digital project lies in careful feature selection, combined with cutting-edge technological development. Our approach is focused on creating tailor-made solutions that not only meet the immediate needs of our clients but also anticipate their future requirements.

1. Understand Your Vision and Goals

The process begins by actively listening to your needs, your business objectives and the challenges you wish to address. This deep understanding allows us to offer you the most suitable and innovative features, which will transform your vision into digital reality.

2. Selection of Key Features

  • Needs Analysis : We assess your business needs to determine which features will provide the greatest added value.
  • Customization : Each feature is chosen and developed based on its ability to be customized to your exact specifications.
  • Scalability : We favor scalable solutions that can adapt and grow with your business.
  • Integration : The ability to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and tools is a key consideration in choosing features.

3. Agile and Iterative Development

Our agile development methodology allows us to work closely with our clients throughout the creation process. This iterative approach ensures that each feature is refined to perfection, while remaining flexible in the face of changes and news.

4. Rigorous Testing and Quality Assurance

Before launch, each feature undergoes exhaustive testing to ensure performance, security and compatibility. Our commitment to excellence means we are only satisfied when our work exceeds your expectations.

5. Training and Support

We support you beyond development, providing comprehensive training on deployed features and ongoing support to ensure successful adoption within your organization.

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