Automatically import Centris data onto your website.

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Automatically import Centris data onto your website.

WordPress Plugin – Centris API Wp Connect – Open Source Solution with a fixed cost of $99/year and $750 setup fees

Our WordPress plugin for automatic data import Centris is priced at $99/year. Initially, a $750 setup fee is also required. Here's what you get:

  • 100% management on your web server
  • Unlimited number of registrations
  • Support during configuration
  • Technical support
  • Affordable plugin customization
  • Free plugin if you hire us to design your website

For a real estate broker, it can be tedious to manually add the content of their listings to their website. Indeed, with the multitude of parameters to enter, the risk of error is high. This is why we offer you the Centris API Wp Connect WordPress plugin to automate the import of your data.

How does Centris API Wp Connect work?

How our plugin works is simple. After purchase, we assist you with configuration to ensure optimal operation. Here's how it works:

  1. Centris sends your registration data to your web server via FTP.
  2. With the configurations we are going to make, the plugin retrieves data from a location on your server, processes it and imports it into your database.
  3. This data is then formatted according to the structure of your website, allowing it to be displayed.

Note that the plugin includes a set of pre-developed designs that you can use for your site. It is also possible to use WordPress filters to personalize or adjust the design according to your needs. You can also query the database directly to display data on your site.

How to create an FTP for your Centris data?

As mentioned previously, adding Centris data requires transferring it to your web server via FTP. To do this, you must create FTP credentials and send them to your Centris manager so that it can configure the sending of data. Creating FTP credentials depends on your web server, but the approach remains similar.

Centris API – Courtier


Ideal for the Real Estate Broker with a website who wishes to add listings to their website

  • 1 site web1 site web
  • Unlimited registrationsUnlimited registrations
  • Configuration includedConfiguration included
  • Support techniqueSupport technique
  • Module customizationModule customization
  • FormationFormation
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Features of Centris api WP Connect

Explore the innovative features offered by our Centris API Connect extension.


1/ Automatisation

The Centris api WP Connect extension automatically extracts your centris data from anywhere on your website to add it to your website.

Creation of Pages

2/ Creation of Pages

The tool automatically generates the pages, so you need for your website: Brokers page, property list, detailed sheets, categories, and all other relevant pages.

Creation of Broker Accounts

3/ Creation of Broker Accounts

The Centris api WP Connect extension scans the members file and automatically creates their account. The broker will receive an email with access to manage their registrations.

Modification of Registrations

4/ Modification of Registrations

Although it is not recommended by centris , you can make changes to your listings using your data via the WordPress panel.

One-Click Configuration

5/ One-Click Configuration

You will have access to a control panel to make adjustments in the extension's configuration. Namely custom fields, server location and many more configurations.

Unlimited Number of Imports

6/ Unlimited Number of Imports

Thanks to our extension, you can import an unlimited number of data. Once you install the extension, you will be able to use it to import your data without restrictions.

Set up Centris data import in three easy steps

We offer a simple method for automatically importing Centris data into your website.

Package selection

We offer three types of subscriptions: A monthly subscription, a second every 6 months and a third annually

Configuration et installation

We offer to install the extension for you. If you have computer skills, you also have the option of following our documentation to install it yourself.

Automatic data import

Once the configurations are completed, the data import to your website will be operational. The Centris cron job is set for daily import.

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A solution entirely dedicated to the growth of real estate brokers.

Maximize your efficiency and reduce your efforts with our exclusive centris api Connect extension, specially designed to automatically import Centris content into your WordPress site. Select the plan that suits your needs and benefit from automatic daily synchronization, compatible with all WordPress themes.

How it works

  • 01. Choose your package

    Whether you are an individual, a brokerage or a partner, we have what you need.

  • 02. Send the authorization form to Centris

    We simplify the process of sharing your data securely.

  • 03. Automated configuration

    Your listings are updated daily on your site.


Universal Compatibility

Whether you use a standard or custom theme, our plugin integrates easily, ensuring visual and functional consistency!


Appeal to an international audience. Our extension supports multiple languages, ensuring that your registrations are accessible and understandable to everyone.

Personalized Technical Assistance

Enjoy peace of mind. Our team of experts is always on hand to help you resolve issues and maximize the effectiveness of the extension.

Custom options

Adapt the extension to your specific needs. Thanks to a range of tailor-made options, offer a unique experience to your visitors and customers.


What is Centris automatic data import?

It is a process that allows data from the Centris system to be synchronized in real time with a website, thus avoiding the need for manual additions and ensuring always up-to-date and accurate information for listed properties.

Why should I automate Centris data import?

Automation saves considerable time, ensures data consistency, improves user experience with up-to-date information, automates updates and presents a complete inventory of properties, thereby enhancing the credibility of the real estate agency.

How does Centris automatic data import work technically?

It uses special code and the server's Cron Job functionality to automatically retrieve and integrate data into the website's database, creating pages with the correct, up-to-date information.

What are the disadvantages of manually adding Centris data?

Manual addition is time-consuming, likely to be out of date, and may contain errors. Automation eliminates these problems by ensuring accurate and regular updates.

How do I configure auto-import on my WordPress site?

Using our extension, simply install it, configure it with the required information and create a Cron Job to automate the import at a set frequency.

Is the plugin compatible with all versions of WordPress?

The plugin is designed for the open-source version of WordPress uploaded to wordpress.org, as wordpress.com does not allow the server access needed for setup.

Can I customize the design of imported data?

Yes, if you have web development skills, you can modify the design by adding CSS and JS, and detailed documentation is provided to guide you.

How can I be sure my data is up to date?

Automatic import ensures that all data is synchronized in real time, ensuring that your website always displays the most up-to-date information available on the Centris system.

Can I use this extension if I don't have advanced technical skills?

Absolutely. We designed the extension to be as intuitive as possible, and we provide extensive documentation to help with installation and configuration. Additionally, our team is always available for support. Our centris api Connect extension is very easy to use.

How can I get help with installation or configuration?

You can contact us directly for assistance. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive support to ensure smooth and efficient installation and configuration, maximizing the benefits of automating Centris data import.

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