Summary of tasks completed

Summary of tasks completed

We were honoured to collaborate with the customer on this project. Below are some tasks performed

  • Conception du logo

  • Content integration

  • Front-end / Backend development

  • Graphic design

  • Integration of the payment module

  • Optimization for better positioning on Google

  • Security analysis

  • Site design

  • Website optimization

About the project

The Innovation in events platform is a website that aims to connect service providers to event organizers. Indeed, the owner of the platform's vision was to facilitate the organization of events, particularly in Cameroon. This is the reason why she recruited us for the project. As part of this project, we did the site design, conception, integration and logo.

Our mission in the design of the Innovation in an events site

As mentioned in the introduction, we participated in the development of the entire site. We had the task of:

  • Proposal of a design for the site. Via the HTML design bank, we have proposed a set of designs that best fit the concept.

  • Design the logo for the site. Our design team is responsible for making a design based on the client's specifications.

  • The suggestion of a solution for the site.

  • Design of the template for the site. Convert HTML design to the theme.

  • Integration of design and content

  • Testing and validation.

  • SEO of the site.

Some features of the site

The Innovation in events platform has a few features we would like to focus on.

Advanced search options

For event planners to find the right service or provider, an appropriate search engine is important. We have added an autosuggestion option to make it easier to find.

A page load time of fewer than two seconds

The performance of a site is a determining factor on the net. This is the reason why we place special emphasis on loading time. We also take the time to do various validations before the site goes online.

Innovation in events

A 100% mobile website

We did a full analysis of the Event Innovation website to reassure us that it was 100% suitable for mobile phones and tablets.

The site is validated according to the W3C standard.

We analyzed the site to make sure that it complies with the W3C standard.

See a demo of the site.

Video: Website design - Innovation in events Video: Website design - Innovation in events

Video: Website design - Innovation in events

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Summary of tasks completed
Summary of tasks completed
Summary of tasks completed

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