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website security — How do you know if a website is trustworthy?

In this article, we explain how you can trust a website before carrying out your business:-

  • Some strategists of fraudulent websites
  • It uses the domain name of well-known brands
  • It generally does not use the security certificate (HTTPS).

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Do you want to know if a website is trustworthy? Today we see some characteristics of websites that you can easily trust. With the explosion of online websites and particularly caused by COVID, we are more protected from cybercrime. Indeed, many people are forced to do a good part of their shopping online. Consequently, they are exposed to fraud and theft of personal data. We first look at some strategists of fraudsters. Then we will see what you need to focus on to validate a website.

Some strategists of fraudulent websites

Several fraudulent websites have elements in common. If you pay attention, you can easily tell right from wrong. Below we look at some examples.

It uses the domain name of well-known brands

Between 2020 and 2021, a pirate created a website by changing the domain name of Walmart. Using this website, it was possible to record fraud on millions of people worldwide. According to the Independent website, it all started with a link shared on TikTok (in a video). The video was about a discount. You will see more information on Walmart’s website.

walmart website alert

In summary, many hackers will use viral websites. Then they will play with some letters in the domain name.

It generally does not use the security certificate (HTTPS).

Il n'utilise généralement pas le certificat de sécurité website

To find out if a website is reliable, you can also look at the security certificate (SSL). The purpose of the security certificate is to encrypt the communication between the web server and you (user). It can therefore happen that a company unknowingly fails to install SSL. As a result, a hacker not necessarily part of the organization exploits this flaw to steal your data.

Know if a website is trustworthy by paying attention to the redirect

It sometimes happens that a malicious redirect injects the codes of a website. As a repercussion, you land on another website instead. Most of the time, this redirect is quite suspicious. Therefore, entering your information may cause harm to you.

The website prevents you from leaving

A fairly common practice that you will notice on some sites is the display of a threat message like:

  • This computer is blocked. Call the number
  • Your computer is hacked
  • Microsoft Virus Alert

trustworthy website alert

Some recommendations to better know if a website is trustworthy

It is important to remember that you are never safe from the anarchy of cybercriminals. However, taking a few precautions can help us discern right from wrong in our lives. Here are some recommendations that can help you:

Be sure to check the site link before entering personal information.

Anyone can duplicate a website to collect your data. Taking the time to validate that the URL you commonly use can help. For example, if you are subscribed to a bank, you must validate that it is your usual site each time you visit the bank’s website.

Never enter your information in the event that the website does not have SSL

A crucial criterion for selling online is to have a security certificate. If in your product searches, do not trust when the website does not have SSL.

Avoid if the promotion seems very unrealistic

Many people get caught by websites that seem to offer unrealistic promotions. In most scam sites, you will see more or less the same approach.

  • 90% off if you take x product
  • Up to x $ cashback for y period of time

The website you received via SMS or email indicates that you have won a few things

People will send you messages saying that you made money that you didn’t expect. It is clear in this case that it is an anarque that you must avoid.

Other tips to know if a website is trustworthy

In the strategists, we have listed some recommendations. To know:

  1. Avoid redirect
  2. Pay attention to the message from the browser

Conclusion and final reflection

Given the hacking rate on the web, protecting ourselves up to a certain level depends on our vigilance. Depending on your country, you can find resources to report websites you think are fraudulent. If you are in Canada, the government website gives you some resources for Canadians. If you need a website design service, it would be a pleasure to work with you.

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