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Magento development has been made so easy by Prositeweb Inc. As you probably already know,  Magento is the most popular software for eCommerce website. As a matter of fact, it offers to any retailers or online business owners what they need to always be ahead of the competition. And as time goes, the platform is continuing to innovate to meet the demand for technological advances. If you are looking for a complete and standalone solution for your eCommerce business, you should consider using Magento. It is 100% ready to use without needing any extra feature.

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What we do at Prositeweb Inc.

What we do at Prositeweb Inc.

Over the years, we have been working with many retailers and eCommerce businesses on various type of projects. Our mandate with companies would go from building a new Magento Store, Installing an extension,  or even developing custom code to help them reach their goal.  In order words, we are full-stack developers.  Specialized in custom website development and eCommerce website, we offer a wide range of services in Magento. Below are some of our feature’s services are:

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Magento development with version 1 and Maintenance

If you currently have a website based on Magento 1 or are planning to build one, we can obviously work together. We have been working with businesses like yours to build and maintain their website with Magento 1. Moreover, we are experts at developing custom extensions.

Magento 2 development and Maintenance

Magento 2 offers more advantages than Magento 1. Moreover, it is up-to-date and adapted for today eCommerce. However, for any retailer to always keep the gaps and stay ahead, he/she needs professionals’ developers to assist them with their website. That is the reasons why you should work with Prositeweb Inc. We close in partnership with many companies to keep and update their store.

Third-party software integration

The more you store grows, the more you need third-party resources such as ERP, external database or features to help you in your activities. If that is your case, Prositeweb Inc can assist you with that. We are experts at connecting Magento to third-party resources through API or Database connexion. If you want to find out more about what we can do for your business, contact us today.

Plugin Installation or Custom extension development

In order to add extra features such as payment modules or shipping Modules to your store, you need extensions. For instance, the default Magento version comes with basic functionalities that might not be enough for your business. That is the reason why many companies purchase or develop extension or plugins to help them achieve their business goals. At Prositeweb Inc, we can help you get the right plugin or develop one from scratch. Moreover, with our expertise, we came across almost all types of features that could be beneficial for your business.

Migration from Magento 1/CMS to Magento 2to Magento

Are you stocked with Magento 1 or any other CMS and are probably wondering you to move on? We can work together on a migration plan. In fact, moving from version 1 to 2 is not an easy task, and required a contribution of experts like us. With our expertise in both version 1 and 2  or any other eCommerce CMS, we know the advantages and inconvenience of each respective tool. We can, for example, suggest the best plan depending on your business requirements, or migrate your data from one store to another in a time record. Contact us today.

Why Magento

Magento software offers multiples features that you won't find on other eCommerce software. In fact, the platform is evolutive and thought to suit current technological trends. That is the reason why many companies love using it.  Below are only three of its advantages

Why Magento
  • A large community of developers

  • Magento development is becoming more and easier because there is a large community of developers working daily on it. For instance, in your day to day activities, you can easily find the answers to your question by referring to the community forum.

  • Use your time on what matters the most while Magento handles the rest

  • The default version of Magento incorporates multiples features to get you started with your business. In fact, some third-party features such as payment module, shipping modules are already available in the default version.

  • Generate more sales from your business

  • By making use of powerful features of Magento, you will be able to develop the online website that will only bring more customers to your store. For example, you can easily find features like Search Engine Optimization tools or Multiples currencies extensions to boost your sales.

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