Resumé des tâches réalisées

Resumé des tâches réalisées

Nous avons travaillé avec le client dans la concrétisation de son projet. Ci-dessous quelques tâches réalisées

À Propos du projet

Smartest Market is a multi-seller platform that offers its customers a wide range of services and products. You will find on Smartest Market information such as dream destinations, hotels and plane tickets. You also have the option of finding seasonal activities depending on your country or region. 

We had the privilege of developing the Smartest Market platform. As a professional in website development, our mandate consisted of:

  • Fully develop the website 

  • Connect the site with supplier platforms 

  • Set up an admin panel for content management

Some features of the website

 100% mobile-friendly

The platform is fully mobile-friendly. Indeed, it was developed using Bootstrap which adapts the site to all types of screen. So whether you are on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop, you can access the site without any difficulty.

 Optimized for natural referencing

At Prositeweb, we make sure that all the sites we develop are optimized for search engines. Our goal is not only to develop your site but to make sure that you have better visibility. We have therefore developed the platform by reassuring it to optimize each page. Our team also use tools such as w3C Validator to validate HTML syntaxes. Other tools we have used are GTmetrix for performance validation. And to be reassured of a better SEO score.

Security of the Smartest Market website

We have implemented all the necessary means to secure the website. For example, we have set up a system to filter all the information sent via the forms. To fight spam, we used Google's Captcha V3 . The CaptCha is used to block spam by detecting unusual behavior on the site.

Resumé des tâches réalisées
Resumé des tâches réalisées
Resumé des tâches réalisées
Resumé des tâches réalisées

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