Smart Buyer Shop website

Smart buyer Shop website is a multi-vendor e-commerce platform allowing the owner to sell his products while allowing the other merchants to offer theirs. The platform incorporates various features to focus on the essentials.

As eCommerce developers and management tools, we had the privilege of developing a Smart Buyer Shop website.  Smart Buyer is a revolutionary eCommerce platform easy to use. For instance, the owner can offer his products to this customer easily. Secondly, he can give access to other people through the vendor account to sell on the platform. It is, therefore, a multivendor eCommerce solution with three main modules. First of all, the owner can manage his products. Secondly, vendors with physical stores can add products for sale. And finally, affiliate marketers can use it to sell third-party products.

Platform development

The Smart Buyer Shop platform has several features for Modern E-Commerce. Some of its features are:

Currency Converter (Unlimited)

You can add as much currency without too much effort. Considering the event, many of the customers are around the world, giving them the option to see products on their local currency was important.

Multi-language site.

Managers can add and translate the site as quickly as possible. For instance, the feature of creating languages is easy to understand and straightforward.

The option to connect to the platform with social media

Reducing the steps to place the order or open an account is paramount in online selling. For this reason,  we've incorporated connexion with social media. As such, a user can decide to create an account or use the media of his choice.

Import products using a template

To facilitate the import and update of products, we have integrated the possibility of using an Excel template to put the products on the site. In a few clicks, managers can update the Excel file and import it to the site.

Other features of the Smart Buyer Shop website

The platform has several other features, including:
  • 100% suitable for mobiles and tablets
  • Optimized for search engines
  • Secure with SSL certificate, Captcha and other technical
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Project Info:

Client: Smart Buyer Shop

Date: mardi novembre 12, 2019


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