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Professional WordPress developers, we assist DressScoop Laval to redesign an build a new website. Our mission was to provide a unique and easy to manage the site. We worked alongside with the owner to ensure that she didn't only get what she wants, but also have something that will help to reach her goal quickly.

As professional full-stack web developers, we had the privilege to redesign and rebuild the DressScoop Laval website. The previous site was on Magento 1, and as per the objectives of the Owner, it wasn't quite suitable. Some of the issues that she encountered while managing her website were:
  • To much technicality needed to administer the site. In 90% of cases, all the changes that wanted to do will require developer help. As a result, she will have to spend a lot without any proper return on investment.
  • Magento 1 version is coming to its end of life by June 2020. As you probably know, Magento 1 end of life is planned for next year(June 2020). To avoid security risks associated with the outdated Magento version, she had to move to either the latest version or something else.
  • She had to redesign or redevelop some of the features of her website. Extension, previous developers installed a long time ago were no more working. And the cost of development was not worth the stress.

Our mission as Professional developers

As professional website developers and a team that understand the strength and weakness of various tool, we had to advise on something better. Considering her business goal and her past experiences, we recommended WordPress as the best option. Some tool, like Magento, is an excellent tool for big businesses. You usually require a team of developers to help in the management and update. While, Wordpress, is quite easy to manage and to maintain.
  1. First of all, she will be able to update her website extension or features without relying on us. Updating a WordPress website is straightforward.
  2. Secondly, she can update her content and do SEO easily without any extra features. On her website, we install Yoast SEO that is easy to use and understand.
  3. Finally, She will not have to worry about security, updating features. We are training her to do that herself.

Tools and technologies used

  • We used the Latest WordPress Version 5.2.3
  • Our team developed a Template from Scratch. As WordPress experts, we can build WordPress templates from Scratch. To provide a unique design to the DresssCoop website, we converted an HTML template into a WordPress template.
  • The design we made was with the Bootstrap framework. For instance, responsiveness is crucial nowadays. One of the advantages of Bootstrap is that it makes a website to rescale according to screen size.
  • Some plugins we used are Yoast SEO, Smush (To optimize images) and Fast Velocity Minify. Those plugins have the particularity to provide a unique experience to your website.
  • To make sure that we did not use old syntax or made mistakes during development, we used W3C Validator to validate our coding.
  • To avoid spams, we protected all the forms on the website with Captcha V3 of Google.

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At Prositeweb Inc, we pay attention to details. In fact, our purpose is not only to build a website but to ensure that you have the best. If you need a team of developers that can help you handle your website from start to end, contact us today. If you need any style advice, do not hesitate to contact DressScoop Laval; they are the best.
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Date: dimanche septembre 15, 2019

site: https://dressscoop.com/

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