development of Socles des Chiens Website

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development of Socles des Chiens Website

Project description

Socles des chiens de race is an eCommerce website that sales dogs. In fact, the owner, a retired technician in Agriculture and farming decided to share its passions with others. The website suggests a wide variety of dogs from different species. Moreover, it gives the opportunity to any other farmers to promote their farming. As a partner, the owner gives you a chance to use our free mobile application to submit your products to the website in a few seconds. Socles des chiens appears as a revolutionary eCommerce concept for many reasons. First of all, you can use the platform to sell your dogs from anywhere in the world. Secondly, you have an easy and simplified way to submit your information online. Thirdly, you have access to a large network of dog farming passionates.

our mission in the project of Socles des Chiens

As a development company with a wide range of knowledge in many areas, our purpose in the project was the assist from start to finish. We help the owner with all the innovative and development aspects of the project. For instance, we started by defining a social media strategy to drive more followers. We also had to develop the website, build a mobile application and define a sale strategy.

Challenges face with the development of Socles des Chiens Website

We faced various issues during the development process. The most important was to find a way to get content online easily. Moreover, we had to find the best way to get good quality pictures.

How we solve the issues

In order to solve the issue with the loading of the content on the website, we come with the idea to build a mobile application external to the website. In fact, since the owner expects to have many business partners, he wanted to avoid asking content all the time. For this reason, business partners will just need to get connected to their application on their mobile devices and enter content in a few minutes. Do you have a similar project, Contact us today

Project features

  • Speed test for better optimisation using GTmetrix
  • SEO check with our in-house SEO software
  • Markeup validation with W3c Validator
  • CSS and JS optimization (Compress + Merging)
  • Security check, validation + deploiement


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Wednesday July 4, 2018

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