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Meps Air Quality

Project description

Meps Air Quality website is one of the achievements of Prositeweb Inc.. For instance, the website showcases the services of one of the best Furnace and Duct cleaning Company in Edmonton. The owner of the company, Eric Mepong decided to give a step forward with his business. That is the reason why he hired us to rebuild a website previously made with Wix.  Our mission was then to restructure the website, improve the SEO and define strategies to generate leads.

Processes use to build Meps Air Quality website

One of the challenges that the customer had with his previous website was to apply a proper optimization. Moreover, it wasn't really adapted for mobile devices, not to talk of UX. The first this that we then had to do was to analyze the website and see why it was not fulfilling its purpose. Secondly, we suggested a plan to Eric that will help to improve. Thirdly we decided the technologies and design to use. And finally ended with the development process, deployment, and testing.

Development of Meps Air Quality website

In order to successfully complete Meps Air Quality projects, we decided to go for WordPress. The reason behind our choice was based upon the fact that WordPress is first of all the most powerful CMS. And also, the customer will easily understand how it works and takes control over its newly created website. Additionally, we decided to build a WordPress Template from Scratch by using a Starting HTML. As a matter of fact, most of the ready-to-use template comes with extra/complex features not always needed. We build a template in order to give the opportunity to the website owner spent less time updating information. After completing with the projects, we carry on some testing such as speed, SEO and markup. As such, we were able to make sure that the website is bug-free.

What next with the project

Prositeweb Inc. is moving forward with the customer on the marketing strategy. In fact, a website alone is not enough to drive traffic or generate leads. That is the reason why we are planning to work on Social media and SEO strategies.

Work with Prositeweb Inc.

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Project features

  • Speed test for better optimisation using GTmetrix
  • SEO check with our in-house SEO software
  • Markeup validation with W3c Validator
  • CSS and JS optimization (Compress + Merging)
  • Security check, validation + deploiement


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Thursday October 4, 2018

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