development of Ensea Bill - Mobile App

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development of Ensea Bill - Mobile App

Project description

Ensea bill is a free finance tool currently available in mobile apps format and web application. It is specially designed for families, individuals, and small companies. Ensea bill is available in two formats: Web applications accessible online and Mobile applications (Android, iOS) available on Google play/iTune. It is an innovative accounting management tool that gives you the ability to efficiently and safely manage your income and expenses. In addition to that, you can record the history of your transactions, have a detailed comparative balance as per your need and export your information in an Excel or PDF file (From a Desktop). Furthermore, ensea Bill offers you many advantages and features. We will leave you the opportunity to discover by downloading the app. (Currently Available on Google Play Store). Therefore, if you are interested in knowing more about ensea bill, you can either visit the website. You can also download the mobile app on Google Play.

Main features of Ensea Bill.

  • Income and Expenses Management
The platform is purposely designed to help you manage your income and expenses. Therefore, in a few steps, you can enter your day to day activities. You can also generate a clear report and have statistics of your finances.
  • Categories’ Comparison
  • Products’ comparison
  • Multiples users setting
  • Dashboard and statistics
  • Due date notifications

How to use Ensea Bill

  • Create an account.
Whether you are accessing the tools from an URL or the mobile apps, the process to create an account is the same. In other words, you will need to fill out the form and receive a confirmation by email the same way.
  • Add payees and payers
You can add payees/payers at any time or you can do so during transaction record.
  • Add products’ categories
You can also add products’ categories at any time or you can do so during transaction record.
  • Start using the apps
  • Summaries of your expenses
  • Comparative pie chart

Why using Ensea Bill

The first purpose of Ensea bill is to help people to take control over their finances. It is especially because we understand what you face every day that we design the platform. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Project features

  • Speed test for better optimisation using GTmetrix
  • SEO check with our in-house SEO software
  • Markeup validation with W3c Validator
  • CSS and JS optimization (Compress + Merging)
  • Security check, validation + deploiement


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Wednesday July 4, 2018

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