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Project description

Canada Schools website is specialized in helping the students from all over the world, Promoting colleges and universities in Canada. The company is currently located in Canada. Prositeweb Inc. contributed to the development of Canada Schools Website. This platform has been built based on Wordpress and WooCommerce.  


We have started creating the platform using WordPress by using our own custom made template. The website has many pages including Home, Contact us, Programs, list of Universities. Also, we have created social media pages that include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. The students can directly share the program of their choice in any of the social media all around the world.   The website is very useful for the students from all around the world who prefer to study in Canada. They can simply search for a program of their choice along with the preferred region ( or province) in Canada. They can choose from the list of the schools, colleges, Universities and also Faculties. The student can create a free account and start searching for the program that best matches his choice such as, preferred region, or preferred program or university. A student can also be able to save the program for later use. An additional feature we provided is, the student can also share the program of his choice with anyone using the person's email id and can write comments about the program.   If you are a student, you can directly contact the representatives and you will be helped with the further procedure to study in Canada.  

What we did to complete the project and tools used.

In order to build Canada schools website, we decided to use the cms that powered 31% of the websites in the world; WordPress. In fact, WordPress offers to the possibility for non-technical people to manage their website themselves. After completing the project, we did a full audit. The purpose of the audit was to make sure that those points were completed:
  • The speed of the website  – We used GTMETRIX to analyze the speed of the website and we used our expertise to apply the fix. In fact, to make sure that a website performs well, we needed to apply some custom best practices.
  • The responsiveness of the website – Various tools have been used to make sure that the website was fully adapted to any screen size.
  • SEO best practices – We used our Software – to analyze and fix some of the SEO mistakes.
We also some others test such as the cross-browser test and the compatibilities test. Overall, we completed the Canada schools website after making sure that it is ready to rank on search engines and is UX in any screen size. Please Feel free to visit the website and do not hesitate to contact us if you have a similar project.

Project features

  • Speed test for better optimisation using GTmetrix
  • SEO check with our in-house SEO software
  • Markeup validation with W3c Validator
  • CSS and JS optimization (Compress + Merging)
  • Security check, validation + deploiement


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Web application


Wednesday July 4, 2018

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