How to Move from old technology to a new and modern website in 2019?

404 or 410

Should you use 410 or 404 Error page?

404 or 410 status Errors are for specific pages that do no longer exist. However, 410 is for pages that are gone, and you probably don’t intend to recreate them. On the other hand, 404 […]

Chaine Youtube Video Channel

Create a Video Channel on Your Website with YouTube API

Last week we re-designed the video Channel page of the site For that, we have written a PHP code using Google API Youtube. The code allowed us to display videos from our YouTube channels on […]


Are you ready to start selling online? Or do you feel that things are not going the way you want? Download our detailed guide that explains the steps to take into account before embarking on e-commerce. If you already have a shop, our guide can help you improve your process.

Online shopping website

how to create a Cookie Free domain

A Cookie Free domain is important to improve website performance. In order to improve website performance, there is a recommendation from GTmetrix about cookie Free Domain. What is it?  And how can we implement it […]

Successful business group of people at work in office

Why should you avoid Free blogs websites

Many Blog websites owners advertise free blogs as an ideal tool to share your dream and passion. However, what they don’t tell is that in the long run, you are losing money and opportunities. In […]

Data Security Concept

Security is crucial for the success of your business

The way you handle security within your organization determines how far you will go. Just as you are working hard to make your business grow; some fellows are trying their best to break into your […]

website development

tips to choose the best CMS for your website

Choosing the best CMS for your website is a little bit tricky. As you probably already know, Content Management Systems (CMS) are the best tools for website development. However, choosing the right one is really […]

Content manager browsing on laptop and taking notes in cafe

Is UGC Really A Good Thing For Your SEO Strategy?

UGC can improve the quality of your content, raise user engagement, engender brand loyalty, show personality (in your social interactions) and rank for fresh keywords. It can even flesh out massive tentpole pieces of content fairly quickly and cheaply.

Cloud storage upload and download data management technology

import products data on Magento 1.x

The process to import products data on an online store is not always easy. In fact, depending on the CMS you are using, you can find the process time-consuming. Luckily, powerful tools like Magento, have […]