Your emails are routed to customers' spam boxes - How to fix?

Are your emails going to customers’ spam boxes? We offer 3 fairly practical solutions to fix the problem. Many companies send emails to their customers, but they are often surprised that these customers do not respond to their emails. So be aware that it is likely that these emails are redirected to your customers’ spam boxes.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about email servers and how you can go about fixing the spam problem immediately. If you are a business, after reading it, you would be able to redirect the emails you send to your customers to their inboxes with a few solutions.

Reasons why your customers do not receive your emails 

If you are a business and you are having difficulty  To  sent  emails in your customers’ inbox, there are several reasons that could be the cause. Below are a few reasons listed:  

Reason # 1: Bad reputation of your email server  

You are probably surprised by this  cause  yet it is one of the  causes  main.  If the reputation  from your server  is judged to be bad by the recipient mail servers, the message may be blocked or placed in a secondary directory of  the spam box.   

Reason # 2: Your IP address has been added to the blacklist  

Even if you  not used to  to send  emails, your  emails  could be marked as  spam  if your IP address  has been  used by someone else for spamming. 

For example, if you send your campaigns through Mailchimp, your  e-mail  is delivered through their servers. So if a  other  anybody  send  spam, it could affect your deliverability. Thus, your address will be sent directly to the blacklist.  

Reason # 3: Bad hearing  

It may be that the  mostly  of yours  contacts/s/s  are people who don’t want to receive emails from you.  

If a person  reports an email as spam, even if it is not really  not  a  spam, this complaint is recorded by the service provider. If these  complaints  reach  some  number, all  next  campaigns will bypass the inbox and be sent directly to the spam box. 

Solutions to solve the email problem 

Solution # 1:  Filter contacts/s/ list  

You can filter the list of your contacts/s/s. There are ways you can use to  find out if your contacts/s/s are valid people.  For example, you can use email verification servers. An email verification server is quite simply a tool that you can use to be able to filter the emails you receive through your website, find out if the emails you receive are valid or not.  

This tool allows you to go through your contacts/s/ list to detect any invalid contacts/s/s.   

Solution  # 2:  Perform two-level validation  

TO  whenever a person  subscribed, to your letter info you can directly send it an automatic message to ask it to validate if it wishes to be  added  in your contacts/s/ list. Thus, this will prevent any third party  use  anyone’s email  who to subscribe to your newsletter info. 

Solution # 3:  Use SMTP servers  

the  server  SMTP  (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)  is a communication protocol used to forward email  to e-mail servers. SMTP is a fairly simple protocol  use.  

He  allows to display  your emails  in the whitelist. If you opt for these services,  during  ship it  of emails, the email servers will instead identify these services instead of your emails. Therefore,  your customers  will be able  to receive  the emails you  the  send  in their inbox. 


In conclusion, if you have noticed that your emails are not reaching your customers’ inbox, it is  necessarily  due to one of these reasons. Then,  you can remedy this problem with the tips mentioned above.  

Furthermore,  if you need expert assistance, you can contacts/s/ us.  

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