Your emails go directly to customers' spam boxes — How to fix?

Have you ever had this problem with your emails going to your customers’ spam boxes? If so, then this article should be of interest to you. We offer you 3 effective solutions to solve this problem which can make you important customers.

In the daily life of businesses, it is common to send emails by email to customers or prospects. They are sometimes surprised at the lack of reaction from customers. However, it is likely that the emails are directly redirected to the spam box of said customers. Several reasons can justify this impact which can have significant consequences on your business.

Reasons for redirecting emails to the spam box

Reason # 1  : Bad reputation of your mail server

Are you surprised by this reason  ? Above all, do not be, because it is nevertheless one of the main causes. If the reputation of your server is considered bad by the recipient mail servers, it is likely that your messages are blocked or placed in a secondary directory of the spam box.

Reason # 2  : Your address has been added to the blacklist

Even if you are not used to sending emails regularly, your emails might be redirected directly to spam if your IP address was used by someone else to compose an email.

For example, if you are using Mailchimp to run your campaigns, obviously your emails are sent from their servers. So if another person uses your IP address to send emails, it could affect your ability to deliver your emails. And your IP address may be placed in the client’s blacklist.

Reason # 3  : Bad audience / Bad targeting

It may happen that the recipients of your emails do not want to receive them. Indeed, if one of your contacts/s/s reports your email as spam, even if this is not the case, the service provider will record it as a complaint. If it is repeated over a period of time, your next email campaigns will have a good chance of ending up directly in the spam box.

Solutions to remedy the situation

Here are the 3 solutions we offer to avoid spam filters  :

Solution # 1  : Filter the contacts/s/ list

It is possible for you to filter your contacts/s/ list if you do not want important emails to go into spam. Indeed, there are effective ways to use to determine which of your contacts/s/s is valid for your email campaign. For example, you can use email verification servers. It is quite simply a tool that allows you to filter the emails you receive through your website. This is to determine which email is valid or not.

Solution # 2  : Perform a 2-level validation

Each time someone subscribes to your newsletter, it is possible to send them an automatic message directly to ask them to validate your request to be added to your contacts/s/ list. This will prevent any third party from using any email to subscribe to your newsletter.

Solution # 3  : Use SMTP servers (SendGrid example)

 The SMTP server ( Simple Mail Transfer Protocol ) is a communication protocol used to transfer emails to email servers. It is quite easy to use. It allows your emails to be whitelisted. If you opt for these services, you will have the advantage that the receiving mail servers will identify them rather than focusing on your mails. This will make it easier for your customers to receive your emails in their inbox.


If you think that your emails are blocked by spam filters from your customers and therefore do not arrive in the inbox, be aware that one of the reasons mentioned above may justify this. So do not hesitate to use our 3 solutions proposed in this article.

For more information and advice, contacts/s/ us and our experts will be happy to assist you.

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