WordPress plugin – property valuation WordPress plugin – property valuation

WordPress plugin – property valuation

WordPress Plugin – Real Estate Appraisal is an extension that allows brokers to add the appraisal form to a site.

We are delighted to present our brand new WordPress Plugin – property valuation. Indeed, we have specially designed for real estate professionals. This revolutionary extension is designed to integrate seamlessly into your real estate brokerage website. This offers you a simple and effective way to collect essential information from your customers for an accurate estimate of their property.

How does it work?

Our plugin transforms complexity into simplicity with an intuitive, easy-to-navigate multi-step form. Here’s how it works, step by step:

Initial setting

Google Map and Place API IDs: The first step is to obtain your API IDs from Google. These API keys will allow the plugin to access mapping and location services, essential for the accurate valuation of a property.

Website Integration

Adding API Credentials: Once you have obtained your API keys, you will easily add them in the plugin configuration section. This step ensures the link between your website and Google services, thus allowing precise location of real estate.

Use by Brokers and Clients

  • Multi-Step Form: The plugin integrates a multi-step form on your site. Customers can easily enter their property details, such as address, area, number of rooms, etc. Each step is designed to be clear and easy to understand, ensuring an optimal user experience.
  • Collection of Information: Information entered by customers is collected securely, providing you with access to accurate data to estimate property value.

Key Benefits

  • Accuracy of Estimates: Thanks to the integration of Google Maps and Place API services, property estimates benefit from precise location, thus improving the accuracy of evaluations.
  • Improved Customer Experience: The multi-step form is designed to be intuitive, making submitting property information simultaneously simple and enjoyable.
  • Optimized Efficiency for Brokers: By automating the collection of information, brokers save valuable time, allowing them to focus more on analysis and advice.
  • Easy Integration: The plugin was designed with simple configuration in mind, allowing for seamless integration into any real estate brokerage WordPress site.

To start

Integrating our property valuation WordPress Plugin into your site is a simple and straightforward process. Get started today to transform your clients’ experience and optimize your real estate brokerage operations. Visit our downloads page for more information and access detailed setup guides.

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