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Prositeweb inc. designs Wordpress training courses that it offers to schools.

Taking a WordPress course is of interest to quickly and easily develop websites. WordPress is a powerful tool that helps in designing websites. It is currently the most widely used content management system (CMS). Indeed, it offers a wide range of features and is free, open source, and open-source. At first glance, it seems easy to get started with WordPress when designing your website or blog. It is also possible to produce a web page without writing a single line of code. However, the management and maintenance of a WordPress site requires a minimum of technical knowledge. For this, we recommend that you take a training course.

In Prositeweb Inc, we design personalized courses for any individual or company who wishes to have the necessary skills for the management of WordPress sites.

What is the basic content of WordPress training?

While we tailor our courses, there are some basics that every good WordPress practitioner should acquire. Therefore, all of our WordPress courses will have basic content. We outline some basic training steps below.

You discover WordPress and take charge of the administration of a WordPress site:

We will tell you about WordPress and its peculiarities compared to other content management systems. You will learn how websites work and the different actions required for good hosting. To make you understand the administration panel, we will explain the jargon of WordPress. For a little practice, we will set up a first website (creation of a home page and an article). Then, we will personalize the appearance of the site with a customizer.

You configure the components, and customize the content and design adapted to your project:

You will discover how to install the extensions that correspond to your project, to choose and install a WordPress theme. We will also teach you how to choose and take control of your page builder. Finally, we will explain how to define the overall design of your site, and also to integrate advanced features through extensions.

You will learn WordPress account administration:

We will teach you the best practices for secure management of user accounts on your WordPress site.

The targets of our WordPress training

Our training is aimed at the general public. Maybe you are a business that wants to have employees who can run your WordPress sites efficiently. Or, you are an individual who wants to design a blog or an online sales site. You can all be a training institute too and you need a WordPress specialist instructor. Our training offer is for you. Contact us for more information.

What is our WordPress training program

Our training offer does not include a fixed program. Indeed, Prositeweb Inc is not an educational institute providing lectures on its premises. Our team creates personalized training tailored to your needs. The program will depend on your availability and does not require prior knowledge of WordPress. We establish the course of your training exactly according to your profile. For example, if you want to design a blog, the setup, design, and extensions you need will be different from what you need for an eCommerce site. Thus, Prositeweb will design the type of training that will objectively meet your expectations. The training can be done face-to-face or online according to your convenience.

Who are we

Prositeweb Inc is an agency specializing in the development of web solutions for businesses and individuals. First, we have many years of metering experience and have already established a reputation in the digital field in Montreal and around the world. Then, our team provided numerous consultations as part of training in WordPress, but also in SEO in companies. In addition, we are in great demand as instructors in training centers. For more information on our agency, visit our website ;

Why choose us to train you

By choosing us for your WordPress training you are guaranteed to have:

  • training offered by a team of WordPress professionals
  • Tailor-made training, adapted to your needs and objectives
  • Personalized follow-up and an instructor at your disposal at all times

Contact us now to request a WordPress course design just for you.

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