Convert Static HTML or PSD file in WordPress Theme

Convert Static HTML or PSD file in WordPress Theme

HTML to WordPress converter converts your static content into a dynamic website. It keeps all your design and functionalities. In addition, It is fast, easy and less expensive. In fact, In the world of website development, the least expensive sites are static websites. However, the real difficulty of companies is the update of their content. Prositeweb Inc. offers a fast, unique and efficient solution. Our solution will not only allow you to convert your static website into a dynamic site. You can keep your design, and add other WordPress features.

The purpose of HTML to WordPress Converter

With WordPress Converter, maintaining your HTML design while having control over your content without the constant intervention of a developer is the ultimate goal of our tool. Prositeweb Inc. offers the possibility to convert your static HTML theme into WordPress in less than one day. Converting your own theme to WordPress brings you pretty huge benefits that a theme bought on the market could never offer.

WordPress is one of the popular CMS in the whole World. Many companies spend a large amount of money to develop their website and end up hiring developers to update their content. Prositeweb Inc. has put in place a simple strategy that will help you to convert your static HTML website into a WordPress website. I am pretty sure you might wonder why you should do that. For instance, there are thousands of reasons for a company to use WordPress or any other CMS systems instead of a static website. Some of these reasons are:

You have the key to your website update

With a dynamic website or CMS, you can update your website whenever you want without the intervention of a developer.

S.E.O Friendly

With WordPress and some Free SEO plugins, you can adjust your content as much as you can to adapt to more popular terms yourself.

More pages for less money

Having a little understanding of WordPress will help you add more pages or features to your website without spending much money.

Spend only once in the development

Unless you want to make major changes on your website, after completing the integration of your website, you won’t spend any more on the development.

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