WooCommerce Plugin to Customize the product page

Extension WooCommerce de personnalisation de l'affichage du produit

The WooCommerce Product Display Customization Extension is a module we developed for an architect agency. The main purpose of the extension was to allow the agency’s clients to choose the model of the pieces that suit them. Below is a brief summary of the project.

Project overview

We have developed the WordPress / WooCommerce extension which allows you to completely change the design of the product page by selecting the architecture plan. Certainly, the company offers a set of plans to its customers and would like to allow its customers to make the selection according to a set of criteria directly on their site. Then their customers should be able to add to cart and place the order. A contact option /s/ is also to be expected.

Why customize the display of the product page?

For an architect or design agency, the conventional display of the product page does not illustrate their reality. Indeed, for a house to be designed, one can have several rooms:

  • A living room
  • The dining room
  • The bedroom
  • A shower

Each room can have several possible configurations (proposed by an architect). For this fact, rather than having a single featured image, one might want featured images for each of the pieces.

The WooCommerce Product Display Customization Extension fits into the need of wanting to provide the ability to view featured parts on the first site display and then make choices based on the possible variations.

To accomplish such a project, we have:

  • First Obtained from the architectural firm some examples of the illustrative photos
  • Plan and discuss their expectation
  • Then, we developed a WordPress/WooCommerce module that would fulfill their need. That is, change the design of the product description page according to their specification and need.

Mode of operation of the extension.

After installing the extension, the user is able to:

  • Make an initial configuration of the extension
  • Go to any product on the site and make a selection to change its design
  • Add the different configurations of your project
  • Auto generated possible combinationsOutils et compétences

The realization of this project highlighted our expertise in several tools

  • WordPress development.

  • The design of online stores

  • Programming modules for WordPress and WooCommerce

We had to make adjustments on variable products. Each product was supposed to have at least six possible variations.

Arrangement of products

The products had to be laid out in a mosaic format with a default photo for each variation. For this purpose, customers could see an example of the variation model. Then click on the options to view the other possible options.

Other Options

The extension has the following features:

  • Usable on any WordPress site with WooCommerce.
  • Variation of the photos depending on the options chosen.
  • Add selected options to cart.
  • Customer contact when needed.

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