What is the QR Code?

You have not seen written QR code or QR code (in English) a few times on the net or on packaging. However, if you have no idea what this QR code is, don’t panic, we’ll kind of tell you what it means.

Our article will talk about how this code works, some applications that use it, and how it secures data.

What is a QR code  ?

The QR (Quick Response Code) code is a 2D barcode. It is used in the field of marketing to facilitate access to additional information through a smartphone. This code has become an almost essential element for web marketing campaigns. It has many functions all this depends on the advertiser.

How the QR code works

The QR code is in the form of a square graphic in which all the information that the advertiser wishes to share is integrated. This code, expressed in digits, has the capacity to contain up to 4,296 alphanumeric characters or 7,089 digits.

Usually, a QR code is made up of two elements, including  :

  • The three squares at the corners are mainly for scanning
  • The QR code itself is integrated as a template and contains the necessary information.

Some applications

The QR code is used more and more especially where the information needs to be read quickly. The code can be used on products, in a magazine, in restaurants to access the menu quickly, to make payment in a shop, etc.

Usually, when you buy an item of clothing or a book, there is a QR code (or bar code) which allows the identification of the specific item. This code allows you to have all the information you need on the article. You must use your smartphone to access it.

The product management system in supermarkets is facilitated by the QR code. Most products have a code that helps customers know information such as price and other additional product information. Simply move your phone closer to the code and open the QR code app

The QR code is software used in several companies to facilitate certain transactions. For example, there is a code on WhatsApp that allows you to connect to a computer and also to verify that messages and calls with a contacts/s/

Some QR code apps for Android and iOS

If you have an Android or iOS phone, here are some apps you can use.

  • QR Code Reader and Scanner  : it is an application which shows you a preview before the execution of the function. It can scan any QR Code very quickly, securely and best without any ads.
  • Barcode Scanner (ZXing Team)  : this application allows you to create, save and also read barcodes of products.
  • Scanbot: it’s an application that reads documents and QR codes.

Is the QR code secure?

The QR code can pose a real threat to users, who are not always aware. The information it contains is unprotected and someone who has computer skills and the pixelated dots in the code matrix can easily hack it.

QR codes all seem to look the same, but unfortunately they are not. Malicious code can direct your customers to a bogus website. Also, it can enter personal data or install malicious software on the smartphone, which can trigger several unwanted actions. You can have actions such as  :

  • Add a contacts/s/ list
  • Make a phone call
  • Text someone
  • Reveal the user’s location
  • Make a payment

To avoid code hacking, we recommend that you renew your QR Code regularly. This is the only way to increase the security of a QR Code.

How reliable is a QR code  ?

The main role of code is to make information readable even though it may be destroyed or hidden due to repeat integration. QR codes are considered reliable because the information has the possibility of being accessible by all even if it has become illegible.

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