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What is the QR Code?

In this article, we explain what QR Code is, and what are the uses of QR Code, we explain : –

  • What is a QR code ?
  • How the QR code works
  • The creation of the QR code
  • How to scan QR codes?

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You have not seen written QR code or QR code (in English) a few times on the net or on packaging. However, if you have no idea what this QR code is, don’t panic, we’ll kind of tell you what it means.

Our article will talk about how this code works, some applications that use it, and how it secures data.

What is a QR code  ?

The QR (Quick Response Code) code is a 2D barcode. It is used in the field of marketing to facilitate access to additional information through a smartphone. This code has become an almost essential element for web marketing campaigns. It has many functions all this depends on the advertiser.

How the QR code works

The QR code is in the form of a square graphic in which all the information that the advertiser wishes to share is integrated. This code, expressed in digits, has the capacity to contain up to 4,296 alphanumeric characters or 7,089 digits.

Usually, a QR code is made up of two elements, including  :

  • The three squares at the corners are mainly for scanning
  • The QR code itself is integrated as a template and contains the necessary information.

The creation of the QR code

From a technical point of view, to create a QR code, a company should use an appropriate programming language to integrate its content into a program. This program can then generate a graphic model (in the shape of a square or a rectangle). The company or institution will use this model on these documents or its advertising posters.

How to scan QR codes?

To scan QR codes, you need to use a QR code reader or your smart phone. Indeed, there are code readers that organizations use to validate the relevance of content. For any individual, it is possible to use his telephone if there is this option. If necessary, you can download a mobile application for this purpose.

If you have an Android or iOS phone, here are some apps you can use it for.

  • QR Code Reader and Scanner: It is an application that shows you a preview before the function is executed. It scans any QR Code very fast, safe and best without any ads.
  • Bar code Scanner (ZXing Team): This application helps you create, save and read product barcodes.
  • Scan bot: it is an application that reads documents and QR codes.

Some applications

Several companies are increasingly using QR codes to integrate information in a simplified way. On the one hand, supermarkets use this tool to identify their product in stores. Restaurants also use this technology to facilitate menu access. We could also mention shops that allow customers to pay using QR codes.

Generally, when you buy an item of clothing or a book in a bookstore, there is a QR code (or barcode) that allows you to identify the item. This code helps, for example, to have all the information you need about the article. You must use your smartphone to access it.

The product management system in supermarkets is facilitated by the QR code. Most products have a code that helps customers know information such as price and other additional information about the product. Simply hold your phone close to the code and open the QR code app

Several companies and governments are increasingly using the QR code to facilitate transactions and verifications. For example, there is a code on WhatsApp that allows you to connect to a computer as well as to check messages and calls with a contact. If you pay attention, you will notice that several official documents or signs have a QR code.

1. Restaurant menu via QR code scan

QR code

during the covid-19 pandemic to reduce physical contact of paper menus by different people.
During the Covid-19 lockdown, people had to practice safe distancing to reduce the risk of spreading the disease. When the lockdown was lifted, people wanted to live their pre-pandemic life. Restaurants have therefore used the QR code for people to see the menu and order, which has reduced the risk of contact between people.

2. Instagram profile QR codes for influencers to share and increase their popularity.

Instagram users wanted a quick way to share their profile among friends and followers, to reduce the hassle of sharing and copying their profile URLs. The Instagram development team took advantage of the QR code to share people’s profiles.

3. PayPal QR Codes

for fast payment in hotels and restaurants to have a contactless payment option ready during the pandemic.
PayPal has also taken advantage of the QR code to reduce person-to-person contact during the pandemic, where people can scan the code and process the payment.

4. Ticket QR code

The scan code for air tickets provided by different airlines such as Lufthansa, British Airways to have contactless travel.
The airline industry has been hardest hit during the pandemic, where travel has been restricted as much as possible. To make it even safer, airlines have used QR codes for people to get their tickets and travel without any contact from stewardesses.

5. Short videos and YouTube redirect QR codes used by content creators.

Content creators have used QR codes to share their videos and content on different social platforms. Indeed, this allowed them to avoid the hassle of uploading content to different platforms and share content from a single platform using QR codes.

6. QR Codes Used in Movies and TV Shows

To hide Easter eggs so that views can search for them and learn more about shows and movies, the animators had the ingenuity to use the QR code.
Movie and TV show producers are hiding easter eggs regarding their content or how they did it in different scenes of their movies and shows using QR codes.

7. QR code labels on the side of food or product packaging to show details of packaging and how it is made.

To save packaging and increase the number of recyclable materials on their packaging, the main problem was how to display the necessary information for the packaging. This problem has been solved by using a QR code to bundle all the information into a QR code so that users can scan and read it.

8. QR codes used by companies for promoting their new products so that customers can scan and know the product details.

Companies wanted a new way to advertise their products and reduce advertising costs. The use of QR codes has helped them reduce costs and also advertise their products.

9. Codes used by companies to scan and download different applications provided by them and sponsor advertisements.

To make it easier to find their app on the App Store or Play Store, several companies are increasingly using QR codes to automatically redirect customers to the download page. This has the effect of increasing the download rate and the company’s revenue.

10. QR codes used by social media platforms.

In order to allow users to connect their applications with their desktop computer, several social media use QR. For example, if you use WhatsApp or Telegram, it is possible to view their account on their desktop computer by scanning the code available in the mobile application.

11. The vaccine passport

During the covid pandemic, we particularly saw a direct application of this technology. Several governments have used the QR to implement the vaccine passport.

Some QR code apps for Android and iOS

If you have an Android or iOS phone, here are some apps you can use.

  • QR Code Reader and Scanner  : it is an application which shows you a preview before the execution of the function. It can scan any QR Code very quickly, securely and best without any ads.
  • Barcode Scanner (ZXing Team)  : this application allows you to create, save and also read barcodes of products.
  • Scanbot: it’s an application that reads documents and QR codes.

Is the QR code secure?

The QR code can pose a real threat to users, who are not always aware. The information it contains is unprotected and someone who has computer skills and the pixelated dots in the code matrix can easily hack it.

QR codes all seem to look the same, but unfortunately they are not. Malicious code can direct your customers to a bogus website. Also, it can enter personal data or install malicious software on the smartphone, which can trigger several unwanted actions. You can have actions such as  :

  • Add a contacts/s/ list
  • Make a phone call
  • Text someone
  • Reveal the user’s location
  • Make a payment

To avoid code hacking, we recommend that you renew your QR Code regularly. This is the only way to increase the security of a QR Code.

How reliable is a QR code  ?

The main role of code is to make information readable even though it may be destroyed or hidden due to repeat integration. QR codes are considered reliable because the information has the possibility of being accessible by all even if it has become illegible.

Good to know

The QR code is inevitably an increasingly popular tool. Do you always want to know “what is the QR code”? If you want to have more data about QR code applications, here is a link that can help. We have also set up this application which allows you to create and add a QR code to your advertising poster.

Add a QR code to your photos with our tool – detailed guide

We are happy to share with you our new web application which will help you add QR Code to your photos. As you know, the QR Code has become the new style. You no longer need to overload your photo with texts or print numerous flyers to market your products or services to customers. Just store everything in a QR and your customers will use a QR ready to access your description, prices, or any other information you want to share.

  • It is convenient,
  • Ecological
  • Simple
  • Attractive (Mainly for the younger generation).

In today’s article, we are going to see how to use our tool to add the QR code to your photos. If you don’t know what a QR code is, no problem this item will prop you up. Having said that, let’s get to the heart of the matter.

How to generate your own QR CODE

To do this, we first go to this web page

The site is available in English and French. To change the language, all you have to do is click on the FR button located in the header bar. Please upload an image in the small box on the left

Once done you will get this result if all goes well

Once click on the button Next . You will be redirected to another page where you will configure your QR code

Depending on what information to share please choose the tab that you complete and fill in the information. For the example I will choose WhatsApp

You can a logo, choose the color, change the design of the QR CODE. Make the choices according to your preferences. Each time you change settings the new QR Code is previewed. When you are satisfied with the result, click on the button Save . You will get your starting image with the QR CODE on it at the bottom right

You can download by clicking the button to download the image


Our add QR code to photo tool is a great way to convey messages without having to overload your photos. We also offer the possibility to add QR codes to several of your photos. Contact us to evaluate the options. 

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