What is an Email Verification Server?

You are a company that has a website  ? How do you manage your mailbox  ? Have you ever heard of the email verification server  ? In this article, we will see what is a verification server and how it benefits a business.  to better position itself against the competition?

We had the opportunity to work on a project related to email marketing. So, we worked on this software from which we had to integrate a set of tools including an option that was to verify if the emails that were sent in this email marketing tool were valid or not.

What exactly is an email verification server  ?

An email verification server is quite simply a tool that you can use to be able to filter the emails you receive through your website, whether the emails you receive are valid or not.

As you knew, if you have, for example, forms, contacts/s/s or newsletter forms, you constantly and certainly receive emails from people who subscribe to your services. In the vast majority of the time, there are people who will be using fictitious emails. I don’t know the reason behind but they use the fictitious emails to be able to subscribe to newsletter info or to be able to send emails or information through your form.

It can still waste your team’s time when it comes to perhaps contacts/s/ing or following up or it can also damage your company’s email reputation.

So that with an email verification server, you can somehow clean up all your emails and reassure yourself that all the emails you have are really low.

Benefits of an email verification server

# 1  : Ensures e-mail delivery capability

If you have a bad mailing list this can eventually spoil your sender. You customers may think of you as a spammer.

# 2  : Increases the engagement rate

The more unverified addresses you have, the more they will reduce your inbox placement. For this purpose, this could have a click-through rate.

# 3  : Saves time and costs

The campaigns that you organize to unverified recipients will not only cost you but you risk entering the blacklist. Consequently, he  will waste a lot of time.


An email verification server is a tool that you can integrate into your management tools. For more information on the type of software to integrate on the site, you can contacts/s/ us at any time.

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